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Have Some Fun with Your USB Flash Drive


transformer_usb_flash_drive_16g_ravageUSB flash drives are everywhere you turn. They have become a necessary part of a society where mobile devices rule the world. They can store information, help us download programs, keep our pictures safer than a photo album… They are basically indispensable. But… do you want to have some real fun with your USB flash drive?

Take Your Basic, Boring Flash Drive and…

You can buy custom-made USB flash drives in various memory capacities.  And that’s awesome if you need a promotional item, gifts for a large number of people, etc.  But what if you have a common, everyday USB drive and you want to kick it up a notch?  There are some awesome ideas for doing exactly that all over YouTube.  It’s inexpensive for the most part and only requires couple of household items/supplies.

Five Creative Ideas for a Custom USB Flash Drive

The following are just a handful of suggestions concerning what can be done to spice up the life of your tired old USB flash drive.  Immediately following this list is the link to how they will look when finished: a Lego piece, a circuit board design, a pink eraser, a seemingly ‘broken’ USB cord and an old floppy disk.  Click here.

The inside of the flash drive is what’s important.  Basically you are simply taking that out of its old boring container and putting it into a new and exciting design.


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Don’t Stick That in There – You Don’t Know Where It’s Been!


usb-stick-1280px-922px0There is a form of computer terrorism making the rounds that involves the use of USB plug-ins.  Now before you get all worked up, no one is saying that USB plug-ins are a bad thing.  On the contrary, they are an extremely good thing.  But as with most everything in this world, it just takes one moron to turn something good into something bad.  And sadly, the trend usually catches on.  The following is a little something for the astute computer user to watch for.

Hey, Look What I Found… A USB Plug-In!

Now, if you’re at an Expo or have been handed a promotional USB plug-in by someone reputable, that’s not a problem.  “I found” might be good when it comes to a $20 bill, but not so much when it comes to a USB drive.  Apparently, someone uploaded a less than desirable program onto a bunch of USB flash drives and then scattered them all over a public building.  What ensued was nothing short of organized chaos when people picked them up and absently plugged them into their work computer.  A natural reaction.  Sadly, these USB flash drives proceeded to download their undesirable program onto these work computers.  Oops.

Don’t Be Taken In

Again, USB flash drives are a very popular promotional item and when used as such can be extremely beneficial to the receiver and to the company giving them away.  Leave it to one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch and in this case, unless you’re sure where that USB flash drive is coming, from you may want to avoid using it.  It’s the age old adage – if something seems too good to be true… It probably is.  Finding a $20 bill – awesome.  Finding a seemingly harmless, discarded USB drive and plugging it in, even if it’s way cool looking – guess again.

ALERT!!  Did you believe this story?  Well it is only partially true.  In actuality this was a stunt pulled by the powers that be in homeland security.  An experiment or test if you will.  Sadly, most people failed the exam.


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Don’t Throw Out Your Old USB Cables


usb_tYes, it’s true, modern technology has finally found a way to end the frustratingly monotonous occurrence that plagues most anyone that has ever used a USB cable for anything.  When was the last time you tried to plug in a USB cable and actually got it right on the first attempt?  No, not upside down.  The new Type C USB cable will end everyone’s frustration in that category.  But will it give cause to new frustration?

The Type C USB Cord – New and Improved?

Yes, in essence, this new USB cable is going to be an improvement over the old, never changing, 1990s model.  It will be reversible, load data faster, withstand higher wattages and reportedly be adaptable to all future updates.  That’s all well and good but guess what… You can’t use it in your current mobile device.  That’s right.  This new USB cable will require a new USB port.  And you know what that means…

Can You Afford All New Mobile Devices?

Of course you only have to get all new mobile devices if you want to use the new and improved Type C USB cable.  The question arose “what will happen with all of the old USB cords?”  Manufacturers are claiming that the new USB port will not completely and totally replace the old USB port but will be an added feature on newly designed mobile devices.  This means you can still use your old USB cords, even in the devices that contain new USB ports.

You might want to stop at your nearest store and snatch up all the USB cables that you can carry.  You find them these days as impulse items at the checkout counters for next to nothing.  Something’s going to change very soon when it comes to the pricing of USB cables… Mark my words.  Of course you can always make your own adaptable USB cable.


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Cool! A Reversible USB… Not so Fast…


usb-3-1-type-c-800x533Many of us will be happy to hear that the new Type C reversible USB will end the frustration of attempting to plug-in USB cables the wrong way, upside down, right side up, etc.  Additionally, they will be happy to know that download times will be reduced, wattage tolerance will be increased and the new USB cable will be completely and totally compatible with updates.  That’s the good news.

Are There Clouds Building on the Horizon?

As good as the above stated news is, there’s going to be a downside – isn’t there always?  Somebody’s always got to rain on your parade.  And sure enough, here come the clouds.  Compatibility is a major concern when it comes to the various mobile devices in your collection.  And whereas the new USB cables will be compatible with all products containing the new USB ports, and future updates, that is  actually exactly where the problem lies.  The new USB ports.  What’s the problem?  New USB cables – old USB ports!

Ready to Change out All Your Mobile Devices?

No, neither am I – not even for new and improved USB cable.  Manufacturers of mobile devices are going to have to change all of the ports on their current devices; and of course the new devices yet to come will include the new improved, and smaller, USB port. We are talking cell phones, laptops, smart tablets, etc. That some mighty pricey endeavor, I don’t care who you are.

Relax, the new Type C USB cord/cable isn’t even going to be available to the public until later on this year.  But it does pose the question of how convenient something actually is when it means changing all of your existing equipment.  Will someone come out with a Type C USB adapter do you suppose? And what if you plug it in upside down?


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Can’t We All Just Get Along?


th (2)USB, Micro USB, upside down plug-Ins, incompatibility with updates, limited (low) wattage tolerance, slow download speeds… Stop the madness!  Can’t somebody make a USB that rises to the occasion of today’s demands?  Good news techies – someone finally has!

The New and Improved Type C USB

Yes, you’ve come a long way baby – That is of course referring to the old 1990s rendition of the USB cord.  As much as it may have changed the world of technology back then, it has become a more or less frustrating piece of equipment that we have tolerated for lack of something better.  But something better is on the horizon.  Not just the horizon in fact… It’s here – in a manner of speaking.  It will be referred to as the Type C USB and it is going to change USBs as you know them.

Created but Not yet Produced

This amazing new little item – and I do mean little (the size of current micro USBs) – is not yet in mass production.  Hopefully you’ll see it by the end of this year.  This USB will be reversible, increase download speeds, tolerate higher wattages and play well with others when it comes to future upgrades.

Of course even once it’s mass-produced, it’s going to take the manufacturers of today’s mobile devices a while to change their USB ports to accommodate the new USB plug-ins.  Sheesh!  It’s always something.


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Faster, Smaller, And Utterly Reversible – the New USB


th (1)A new USB cord is going to be taking the world by storm later on this year – with any luck at all.  The Type C USB has been introduced but has not gone into mass production as of yet.  What’s the big deal about the Type C USB?

Upside Down, Backwards, Inside Out…

Okay, maybe not inside out, but you’ve no doubt felt the frustration of plugging in – or trying to plug-in – a USB the wrong way.  That will no longer be a problem with this new Type C USB.  It will be completely reversible.  But that’s only part of the equation when it comes to the old 1990s USBs being updated.  Several more characteristics make this new item really stand out in a world of technology that is constantly concentrating on new and improved.

Buy Now or Wait for the Latest, Newest USB?

Well, considering that this isn’t even on the market yet it’s probably safe to say that buying the new Type C USB will be a good idea.  Here are the things that, aside from being reversible, make it stand out:

 future upgrades will be accommodated by the new USB

 it will cut download times in half – per second, 10 GB

 100 W of power will be manageable with the new USB cable

Don’t get too excited because this new improved model won’t be out, at least to the public, until (as stated) later this year – hopefully.  Now, if you’d like to take a look at what all the fuss is about you can do so by clicking here.


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Type C – No, Not a Blood Type


thType C is how the new reversible USB is being referred to.  That’s right – reversible.  No more frustrating “oops, plugged that in wrong” when it comes to USB ports.  Sadly however, these won’t be available to the general public until later on this year – hopefully.

For Those ‘Bass Ackwards’ Individuals

Of course, plugging in a USB the wrong way is only a small part of the problem with today’s USBs, which first came into play around the 1990s.  Imagine how much everything else has changed in that time.  It’s about time the USBs did as well.  If you could change USB cords, ports, plug-ins, etc. what would you change about them?  Aside that is, from making them impossible to plug in the wrong way.

In Today’s World, Faster Is Better

These days, nobody wants to wait for anything.  Even if it just means a few seconds.  In addition to being reversible, the new USBs will be capable of cutting the time of downloading in half.  Per second, 10 GB of data will be able to be transferred!  But, there is a downside that affects the whole ‘faster is better’ way of thinking.  Production time.

Thus far, the public has only seen pictures of this remarkable new USB cord.  Not to mention the time that it’s going to take all manufacturers of mobile devices to install the new ports in their products. Alas, you will have to wait just a little bit longer for the new, Type C USB.


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What’s New with USB Cables?


USB-Pen-DriveJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – along comes a new USB cable that is going to turn the tech world on its collective ear. in addition to being reversible, which means you won’t have to worry about plugging in the wrong way anymore, it’s going to several other features. Will this finally end USB issues?

Finally – Enough Is Enough!

Imagine the frustration that must have finally driven someone to create a USB cable that is reversible. How many of us have irritated lady tried to plug in a USB only to find you had it upside down? Apparently, somebody finally tried that exacting one too many times and sad – this is ridiculous I got to do something. And so they get. Later on this year you should start seeing the reversible USB ports showing up on all sorts of mobile devices.

But Don’t Stop at Reversible – Oh No!

Does it seem like every time there is an upgrade you have to change around all of your equipment just to accommodate that upgrade? Well it seems like that because it’s mostly true. One of the good things about this USB cable, that will be available for everyone later this year, is the fact that it will tolerate upgrades. Not only will it tolerate them, but it will accommodate them in a welcoming manner.

The new reversible USB can be found online though thus far it has simply been shown as an artists rendering.


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Introducing the Reversible USB


collector-usb-flash-drive-conceptSeveral days ago, BBC News announced a little something called the reversible USB.  No more will you be able to make the mistake of inserting your USB cable the wrong way.  This is just another one of those irritation saving ideas that probably occurred to someone that had done it one too many times and finally simply had it! Ugh!

 The Wait for the New USB

The Verge, a news site that deals with technology, published the first images of this new reversible USB cord.  July will hopefully mark the finalization of the actual product and it could take some time for the products belonging to various manufacturers to have the ports incorporated… albeit gradually. Thus the true rollout for this product will most likely be significantly delayed.  Cameras and mobile phone charging ports currently resemble the standard Type C USB, at least in size, just to give you a rough idea.

Times They Are a Changin’

This new reversible USB is quite a step up from the old USB cable originated back in the 1990s.  As with most things tech driven, things continue to become new improved every five minutes – or so it seems.  In order for a data connection to be complete, those old USB cords could only be plugged in one specific way.  Those cords will now eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

There is of course no telling how long it will take for manufacturers of all mobile products to get on board the reversible ports ship – but eventually, this will become the norm.  Right up until the next new innovation. 


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The Old Family Photo Album – Reinvented


keywords_263772_lYou know all those stacks of family photo albums you have in the attic, basement, closet, boxes, plastic totes…?  And then of course there are the birthday, vacation, holiday movies that you’ve taken as well.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply combine them into something you could slip inside your shirt pocket?

How Can Something so Small Contain so Much?

With as little as 64 MB and as much as 128 GB, and everything in between, you can transfer as much or as little as you want onto a customizable USB drive.  Let’s say you take a vacation in the tropics and want that video on one USB drive.  Possibly you could find a company that carries a custom-made palm tree, beach ball, sandal or otherwise to remind you of what’s on that particular USB drive. Maybe it’s just a bunch of family pictures.  You could install all of those on a USB drive that looks like a camera with an attachable faux telephoto lens.  Christmas parties could all be put on a USB that looks like a Christmas tree… You get the idea here.

Share the Wealth

There Is no reason that you should keep an idea this sensational to yourself either.  These customizable USB drives full of videos and pictures make great gifts for friends and loved ones.  Not only can meaningful videos and pictures be on the inside but the outside can represent one of their favorite hobbies, job or pastimes.  It’s kind of like being able to take the people you love most in life with you everywhere you go.  These USBs fit great inside a briefcase pocket, shirt pocket, purse – you name it.

And yes it’s perfectly acceptable to have nothing on that USB drive but videos and pictures of your adorable little pet.  Take it from a pet lover, they’re just like kids to many of us.


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