Don’t Throw Out Your Old USB Cables


usb_tYes, it’s true, modern technology has finally found a way to end the frustratingly monotonous occurrence that plagues most anyone that has ever used a USB cable for anything.  When was the last time you tried to plug in a USB cable and actually got it right on the first attempt?  No, not upside down.  The new Type C USB cable will end everyone’s frustration in that category.  But will it give cause to new frustration?

The Type C USB Cord – New and Improved?

Yes, in essence, this new USB cable is going to be an improvement over the old, never changing, 1990s model.  It will be reversible, load data faster, withstand higher wattages and reportedly be adaptable to all future updates.  That’s all well and good but guess what… You can’t use it in your current mobile device.  That’s right.  This new USB cable will require a new USB port.  And you know what that means…

Can You Afford All New Mobile Devices?

Of course you only have to get all new mobile devices if you want to use the new and improved Type C USB cable.  The question arose “what will happen with all of the old USB cords?”  Manufacturers are claiming that the new USB port will not completely and totally replace the old USB port but will be an added feature on newly designed mobile devices.  This means you can still use your old USB cords, even in the devices that contain new USB ports.

You might want to stop at your nearest store and snatch up all the USB cables that you can carry.  You find them these days as impulse items at the checkout counters for next to nothing.  Something’s going to change very soon when it comes to the pricing of USB cables… Mark my words.  Of course you can always make your own adaptable USB cable.


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