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A USB Drive is a Great Place for Extra Storage

1155467_data_storage_2If you have noticed that things in your home or office seem to be getting a bit cluttered lately, it may be time to start looking for some extra storage. Considering that many times pictures, movies and music are what is causing a bit of the clutter, perhaps it is time to look into transferring all of your clutter onto an easy to organize USB drive.


Saving Space


Have you ever noticed just how much space your photo albums take up?  If you are like most people, you likely have plenty of photo albums plus a few boxes of random photos lying around.  While you may have them organized and in a convenient place, they are still taking up more space then they need to.  By scanning your old photos and saving them onto a USB drive, you will save space while preserving the pictures you have for years to come.  If you have an old CD collection, you are likely seeing that you are taking up more space then you need to as well.  Pretty much every computer has a system to convert your CDs into a digital format, allowing you to save that music onto a USB drive as well.  The possibilities are endless!


Plenty of Room


You may be worried that your massive CD collection could never fit onto a drive the size of a credit card.  Well, you would be wrong.  The fact is that USB drives can come with more memory than you know what to do with and are really affordable, leaving you with no excuse not to use them.  As a matter of fact, you may be able to fit your entire movie and music collection onto one, maybe two, USB drives, making it easy to organize your movies while saving room.


USB drives are great storage devices and can last for years and can be used to store almost digital file you can think of.  Considering all of the clutter that you can be getting rid of by using a USB drive as a storage unit, why haven’t you done it already?

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How Many Sizes of USB Drives Are There?

1256508_pink_pendriveWhen USB drives first hit the market, there wasn’t much variety. You had only a few choices when it came to the size and they weren’t exactly the cheapest ways to store your electronic files. Well, those days are far behind us and these wonderful drives have come a long way. Between the variety of shapes, colors, sizes and memory available, there is sure to be a USB that is perfect for your needs.


A Drive for Every Need


USB drives are truly made for anyone, whether it is for their business or personal life.  There are small drives with as little as 25MB of memory that you can find at the local dollar store, or you can find drives with several terabytes at your local electronics store.  This wide range in memory size ensures that no matter what the job is, there is a USB drive that is perfectly suited to do it.  Whether you want to bring your Powerpoint presentation home from the office to work on it or you want to share your entire music library with a friend, there is a drive for you.




As with any new technology, the prices for USB drives have dropped dramatically since they first hit the market.  Back then, it was not implausible to consider placing a larger drive on layaway just to break the total cost into affordable payments.  Well, this is also a thing of the past.  If you are looking for a USB drive that has over a terabyte, you may be looking at spending one or two hundred dollars but, for the most part, you can find USB drives that have the amount of space you are looking for, and for quite less.  Most times, a 4GB USB drive will cost you less than ten dollars.


There are plenty of sizes of USB drives out there, so you can actually customize your storage.  Instead of keeping all of your electronic files onto one drive, perhaps make the drives file type specific.  Considering how inexpensive they are, this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.


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Every College Kid Should Have a USB Drive

1096828_usb_stickIf you have ever lived in a dorm room, you know just how small they can be. If you had to share with a roommate, and chances are that you did, then you also know that it isn’t just your space that you have to worry about but your roommate’s space as well. Between class assignments, books, even movies and your cd collection, there isn’t much space to breath, let alone move.  If you are a college student and are looking for a way to save some space, you may want to invest in a USB drive.


All Purpose Technology


USB drives can be used to transfer and store pretty much any type of digital file.  There are really no moving parts, making them reliable and tough to break, so they are prefect for the college student lifestyle.  They can be used to save your assignments, share presentations, even store books, movies and music.  Depending on the size of the drive and the size of your music collection, you may even be able to save every album you own onto a single drive, making the albums themselves unnecessary.  Once you can get rid of the unnecessary albums, you will clear up plenty of room.  The same can be done with your movie collection or even your book collection.  The funny thing is that you can save all of this and much more on a USB drive that is no bigger than a credit card.  Now, compare a credit card to the space you are taking up with your physical items.  See why this would come in so handy?


All Sizes, Shapes and Colors


Another great thing about USB drives is that you can really make a statement with them.  Manufacturers have gone out of their way to make sure that there is no shortage when it comes to variety and you can get a USB drive in almost any shape, size, and color.  Of course, the more custom and unusual a USB drive is, the more money you are likely going to have to spend on it but for many people, it is worth it.  Finding the perfect USB drive for yourself could just mean finding a drive that works as a decoration as well as a storage device, adding to the décor of your room, and you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for.


Every college kid needs a USB drive, whether they are living in a dorm or not.  The relative ease of transporting assignments to the classroom and the space that it can save you makes it essential for every student to use one and college kids can use all the help they can get.

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History of Data Storage

For as long as there have been computers, there has been a need for data storage, both internally and as a portable medium. The digital divide closed so rapidly in modern societies that it is easy to forget that just 20 years ago, desktop computers were the only option, and they were running hard drives with around 25 megabytes of capacity. Just ten or twelve years ago, 256 MB of RAM was considered top of the line, and a 60-gig hard drive was pretty much standard.

Climbing the Ladder

Portable data storage was equally limited. The 3.5″ floppy diskette – which wasn’t really floppy, the way its predecessor was – could only hold so much, so major projects meant using multiple diskettes. Zip drives were popular for a short time, as they held more data than a floppy, but proved to be no more than a speed bump, as compact discs made them unnecessary (and necessitated no small amount of data transfer). Those who chose not to move their files had to buy plug-in ZIP drives to use their files on their new, Zip-less computers.

It’s Everywhere

Finally, the USB flash drive made data storage and transfer convenient and universal, and is able to keep up with the leaps and bounds of today’s (and tomorrow’s) machines. Some USB flash drives can hold as much as a terabyte of information – substantially more than the average laptop’s hard drive. Moreover, the flash drive evolved in ways that its digital ancestors had not – it became a cultural statement, with USB flash drives taking every shape and form imaginable, from flashlights to pocket knives to ball point pens.

The ubiquitous USB port has also eliminated other once-promising industry ideas, such as the SCSI port; pronounced “scuzzy”, it quickly went the way of the Zip drive after being hailed as the fastest way to connect external devices like scanners and printers. But it was never going to expand the revolution they way USB did, leading as it has to newer and better media devices (such as the iPod), including the ultimate interaction between devices: The computer and the smart phone.

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People Using USBs

Using flash drives makes moving to new locations or traveling for work an effortless task. Many businesses are using flash drives as keys to access private company information and server networks. Corporations provide employees with flash drives embedded with codes that change daily; the employee just enters the new code each time they need to access the corporate network from a remote location.  The USB drive is a safe and convenient way to secure private data. Many flash drives can be encrypted with passwords for security purposes.
The Importance of USB
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are becoming the ultimate tools for technological connectivity. Nearly every type of high end technological device uses some sort of USB device. The more USB ports a device has the more appealing the device is to mainstream consumers. Even most new cars have USB ports so drivers and passengers can connect their own devices to charge or sync with the vehicle. For many people the deal breaker for an ideal purchase often depends on whether there USB ports available or not.

The Flash Drive Path

These ports enable consumers and professionals to connect and match nearly any type of device with another. As technology and mobile computing industries advance the USB is becoming more prevalent and standard for almost every type of device.  Many people use USB ports and flash drives to connect to the Internet. This ability to plug in and connect to the Internet from any location will continue to become more popular as the speed and capacity limits for USB devices continue to advance.

These types or devices have the functionality and appeal to replace all other mediums for data storage and transfer. Flash drives are available nearly anywhere and are competitively priced so anyone can afford them. These devices will become so commonplace and embedded in our everyday lives that future generations will wonder how we ever survived without them.

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Collect Movies in Flash Drives

Using flash drives to collect and organize movies is the one of the best ways to build an impressive master collection. USB flash drives can hold hundreds of movies if they are large enough. Storing movies on a flash drive is a convenient way to keep your favorite movies together and close by for the best time. Flash drives are one of the best assets to own that can help make daily life easier.

A Movie Buff’s Dream

There are many ways for people to view and download their favorite movies online for a small fee or even for free many times. Using faster internet speeds makes downloading movies even more attractive when the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. It is easy to find your favorites movies online; it is also easy to copy the movies on to the USB flash drive. Many people create folders and categorize genres to help stay organized and find specific movies easier.

Absolute USB Convenience

Using a small flash drive is the easiest ways to keep hundreds of movies to choose from when you have limited time or space. Flash drives can fit in your pocket or just about anywhere, that is convenient. Modern technology makes it possible to have you favorite movies around to choose from at all times. The ability to take your favorite movies anywhere is invaluable for passing time and staying entertained from any location.

Flash drives are the best thing to ever happen to a tech savvy movie buff. Flash drives can hold the movies you can imagine and the transfer is almost instantly. USB flash drives can be taken to any location or stored anywhere for convenience. Many people keep a flash drive full of their favorite movies in their pocket or bag to take wherever they go.

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