Type C – No, Not a Blood Type


thType C is how the new reversible USB is being referred to.  That’s right – reversible.  No more frustrating “oops, plugged that in wrong” when it comes to USB ports.  Sadly however, these won’t be available to the general public until later on this year – hopefully.

For Those ‘Bass Ackwards’ Individuals

Of course, plugging in a USB the wrong way is only a small part of the problem with today’s USBs, which first came into play around the 1990s.  Imagine how much everything else has changed in that time.  It’s about time the USBs did as well.  If you could change USB cords, ports, plug-ins, etc. what would you change about them?  Aside that is, from making them impossible to plug in the wrong way.

In Today’s World, Faster Is Better

These days, nobody wants to wait for anything.  Even if it just means a few seconds.  In addition to being reversible, the new USBs will be capable of cutting the time of downloading in half.  Per second, 10 GB of data will be able to be transferred!  But, there is a downside that affects the whole ‘faster is better’ way of thinking.  Production time.

Thus far, the public has only seen pictures of this remarkable new USB cord.  Not to mention the time that it’s going to take all manufacturers of mobile devices to install the new ports in their products. Alas, you will have to wait just a little bit longer for the new, Type C USB.


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