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A USB Battery?

USB technology is phenomenally versatile. This is probably the reason why it has taken the place of some many other, similar technological options, coming to dominate the market even as it grows more sophisticated. So when it comes to USB, if you can dream it, it’s probably been done. The gamut of USB devices runs from artificial pets to networking devices to hard drives to simple power cords. It should not come as a surprise then, that there is now a USB capable battery on the market.

A “Green” Battery Option

USB Cells are rechargeable batteries that have been designed to recharge via a USB connection rather than a wall socket. It’s a fascinating new approach to making batteries more environmentally friendly. Of course, there have been rechargeable batteries on the market for years, what makes these unique is their USB technology. According to their makers, these batteries are the solution to the over fifteen billion alkaline batteries that are used and thrown away each year. By contrast the USB Cells can be used and then recharged many hundreds of times without needing to be replaced.

A Simple Battery Solution

In addition to being green, these batteries are also convenient. They allow you to travel with a renewable power source that doesn’t need any peripherals of its own, no cords or any other paraphernalia. Instead, you simply plug them into a USB capable device and allow them to recharge. If you have a hand help game player, for example, you could charge one set while using another to power the machine. When the set in use has drained, you simply switch them out for the newly powered pair.

The Future of USB Battery Technology

Currently, the batteries are available in AA cells, but the product has been so well received that there are now new options in production as well. These include:

  • AAA USB Cell Batteries
  • C/D USB Cell Batteries
  • 9V USB Cell Batteries
  • Prismatic USB Cell Batteries
  • Phone and Device USB Cell Batteries
  • Fashion USB Cell Batteries

Look for all of these USB Cell Batteries to be available in the near future.

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