Have Some Fun with Your USB Flash Drive


transformer_usb_flash_drive_16g_ravageUSB flash drives are everywhere you turn. They have become a necessary part of a society where mobile devices rule the world. They can store information, help us download programs, keep our pictures safer than a photo album… They are basically indispensable. But… do you want to have some real fun with your USB flash drive?

Take Your Basic, Boring Flash Drive and…

You can buy custom-made USB flash drives in various memory capacities.  And that’s awesome if you need a promotional item, gifts for a large number of people, etc.  But what if you have a common, everyday USB drive and you want to kick it up a notch?  There are some awesome ideas for doing exactly that all over YouTube.  It’s inexpensive for the most part and only requires couple of household items/supplies.

Five Creative Ideas for a Custom USB Flash Drive

The following are just a handful of suggestions concerning what can be done to spice up the life of your tired old USB flash drive.  Immediately following this list is the link to how they will look when finished: a Lego piece, a circuit board design, a pink eraser, a seemingly ‘broken’ USB cord and an old floppy disk.  Click here.

The inside of the flash drive is what’s important.  Basically you are simply taking that out of its old boring container and putting it into a new and exciting design.


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Daniel Rubin Daniel Rubin is the co-owner of USB Direct Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the manufacturing of logo flash drives. You can view his .

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