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Custom Flash Drive Industry Price-Watch and General Branded USB Market News – March 15, 2019

Welcome to 2019.  The post-2016 era of flash drive prices rising upwards of over 40% are a distant memory, and manufacturing plants are pumping out more supply into the market than ever before.  We can’t believe it took them this long to get it right, but 3D NAND fabrication has finally picked up pace, causing a surge in supply which can only mean one thing:  Regularly decreasing prices as 2019 progresses.

3D NAND technology was meant to usher in a new world of faster, smaller, better.  While it has shown great promise in the SSD world, the promotional USB drive market has yet to reap the benefits of the complex architecture within these tiny chips, other than to say that we know for sure most of our supplied product are now coming in using this multi-level structuring.  

So what are we to expect for this year?  Other than a slow and steady decline in USB prices across the board, we are hopeful that access to larger memory and faster read/write speeds, especially within the USB 3.0 category.  This past month there has been a most notable decline in the cost of USB 3.0 chips in the COB (chip on board) sector between the sizes of 64GB and 128GB, and while USB prices usually surge slightly post Chinese New Year Festival, it seemed to have only affected a few specific memory sizes, and only temporarily as things have already settled back to pre CNY prices within those spots.

So be on the look out for some new USB 3.0 models to hit the category, and see some dips in prices by Q3 2019 in most of the USB 3.0 sizes within our custom USB family.  In short, we expect to see a greater number of users switch from USB 2.0 as their standard to USB 3.0, given the more reasonable access, from a price standpoint.

In addition, be on the lookout for new USB type-C flash drives to hit our site in the next couple of months.  Both dual (USB + USB type-C) memory stick sizes as well as USB type-C only custom flash drives, as this type of port comes standard on more and more new computers, laptops and tablets.

Oh, and did I mention we’re moments away from launching our new website?  Stay tuned – it’s going to be awesome!

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USB Technology Making Breakthroughs in HIV Management

Whether you or someone you care about suffers with HIV, you know how frustrating it can be to wait days for lab results to come back. However, collaborative work that has been done by the Imperial College London and DNA Electronics, a tech company, offers new hope. With an impressive accuracy rating of 95 percent, they have created a USB device that can measure patient’s HIV levels in as soon as just 30 minutes.

Within the USB is placed a small chip, and this is used to detect the changes in acidity when an infected patient’s blood is placed on the device. The resulting electrical signal produces the results that are able to be read when the USB reader is connected to a computer or mobile device. In preliminary studies, the average amount of time it took to get a result was around 21 minutes.

When HIV was first discovered, it was highly unfamiliar, and it was feared to be a disease that offered no hope to anyone unfortunate enough to fall victim. However, what many fail to realize is that technology has allowed for those with HIV to enjoy normal lives with minimal complications. The important thing is that you keep track of the virus and understand it better.

Although this new technology has not yet hit the market, there are many reasons to be excited about it’s upcoming arrival. Aside from the fact that it’s so simple to use, it’s also a cost-effect way to monitor HIV. Furthermore, since the results come in so quickly, you can more effectively monitor how well your current medications are working to manage the illness.

You can live a normal life with HIV, and USB testing capabilities can put more power in your hands so you can keep HIV under control and live the quality of life you deserve.

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Toy Car Shape USB Drive

  USB drives have given users a lot of mobility with their documents. You can put literally gigabytes of data in your front pocket and load it from anywhere you have access to a computer. Probably the one advantage USB drives have over “The Cloud” is accessibility, without the need to connect to the internet. Another advantage of USB drives is, like “The Cloud”, they can be used as an inexpensive way to backup important data. Smart users incorporate both methods of storing data into their data recovery plan.

More Than a USB Stick

Besides being a good way to save and store data, USB drives have taken on a second life for some people as a form of expression. You can find USB drives in just about any form factor you can imagine. Some are quite quirky, while others are designed to be more practical. Almost anything that you hold near and dear has probably already been represented in a USB flash drive case. There is even one really ambitious DIY mod on the internet, which illustrates how to turn your favorite Hot Wheels car into a USB flash drive. You have to be somewhat technical in order to assemble the drive, but for the less technical, there are other options.

Several companies make USB drives models after cars. One such company I found, has over 90 different models, including classics like the ’67 Chevy Mustang, and they even roll, just like real Hot Wheels! If you are more futuristic in you love of cars, another USB drive design is actually modeled on the Transformers cartoon and movie franchise concept. This USB drive is a tiger, which transforms into a car. The USB end plug is protected, when in “tiger mode,” and has to be transformed into a car in order to be plugged in for use.

Think Functionality First

One important thing to remember is ultimately these devices are meant to save your data. Although there are no moving parts, USB drives do have a solder point which connects the outer case to the main circuit board. If that connection breaks it has to be repaired, before you can retrieve your data. So, when you select a specialized USB drive to store your important data on, be sure it is durable and practical enough for everyday use. However, if you just want a cool USB drive for casual use, then go for it! There are many inventive choices out there.

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Do Recycled USB Drives Exist?

Eco-minded computer users can find many ways to lessen their carbon footprint. while still using the technology they need and want. The first thing any conscientious techie should do is properly recycle any unwanted electronics. There are several ways to do this and it has become far less painful to accomplish this task than it once was. There are official drop off facilities in most towns and some private companies have kiosks in malls. It also pays to check with the maker of a device you are considering recycling. This is because many retailers offer cash back or credits for your recycled electronics.

Used Items

Beyond your own efforts to recycle your used electronics you can also look at purchasing used items. Buying used items helps the environment because as the demand for new items diminishes, the need to produce them also diminishes. Less production means less use of raw materials also less power or energy consumption, to produce goods is needed, and that is beneficial for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Electronics

Sometimes a used item is not appropriate, especially when it comes to electronics. Because used items are not usually current models many techies may not be interested in buying them. Purchasing recycled or eco-friendly items is another way you can reduce waste. Recycled items are made from reused or re-purposed parts. There are several ways an item can be considered eco-friendly. Two examples would be that the parts used are re-purposed or the process by which the item is produced can be manufactured in an eco-conscious way. Eco-conscious means that sustainable materials were used in the production and that minimal harm has been done to the environment, as a result of the production.

More and more we are seeing items that are eco-friendly. There are many USB drives on the market that fall into this category. Several form factors use sustainable materials such as bamboo. Also the internal materials can be eco-friendly, for example the solder points on the chip set can be made of lead-free solder, which is easier on the environment when it decomposes.

These are just a few ways a conscientious techie can make eco-smart purchases. More and more we are seeing manufactures respond to the demand of consumers to produce eco-friendly electronics.

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Interesting USB Facts for the Beginner

USB drives are storage devices that plug into the USB port, on your computer. For a very minimal investment, you can back up your important data or carry your family photos around with you wherever you go. USB drives have been in use for quite a few years now, but to the newcomer it may seem strange, that so much data can be kept on such a tiny device. The portability and price point of USB drives make them a real asset to even the casual computer user.

The Advent of USB

USB drives use the Universal Serial Bus port on computers. Computers have been equipped with USB ports since around 2000. Prior to that input devices or peripherals, such as printers and external hard drives, often used the SCSI port. SCSI ports were functiona,l but required some technical expertise to use, since they were not plug and play. USB connections changed that dynamic and now many printers and other peripherals are connected via USB ports. Another advantage of USB ports over the old SCSI posts is that they supply low voltage power to devices. This is why you are able to charge your cell phone via your USB port.

Reliable Storage

USB drives are often called thumb drives, jump drives, USB sticks or flash drives; the earliest USB drive, sold by IBM was known as a memory key. All of these are the same thing and there is no officially correct term for these data storage devices. USB drives are compact and easy to carry around. Most are between two and four inches in length. USB drives replaced floppy disks as the choice, for portable storage and it was a much-needed upgrade. Another benefit is the speed of data retrieval. If you ever spent several minutes waiting for those old floppies to load a file, then you should really appreciate how fast flash drives are able to complete the same task. Additionally the old floppy disks only held a small amount of data, 1.44mb to be exact. Even the earliest USB drives which held only 8 Mbytes topped that storage capacity by far. Today’s USB drives are large capacity devices and can hold infinitely more data than early drives once did. 64 Gbytes drives are common and you can purchase 128 GB drives.

How it Works

Floppy disks tended to fail users quite often. They were also quite fragile. USB drives are much studier storage devices and are designed to have no moving internal parts, therefore the risk of failure is significantly diminished. Internally a USB drive consists of a wafer thin board, which has the USB connector attached. The USB connector is what you plug into your USB port. The board moves data and supplies power. The board also has an attached memory chip. The memory or storage chip is where all of the data is actually stored on your USB drive. The chip is known as the NAND flash memory. The third component is the controller chip, which retrieves data and determines when to read or write date to the memory storage chip.
The price point on USB drives has also come down since they debuted back in 2001, when even the smallest drive was quite expensive. Today a 10 GB drive has a price point of around 10 bucks or even less if you shop wisely.

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Lipstick? No, it’s a USB Drive

There are several ways to conceal data these days, but how about concealing it as a concealer? No, I mean literally as a lipstick concealer case? Even James Bond’s head of research and development “Q”, would find that clever. Truthfully, there are several companies that design USB drives with a bit of a twist. Beyond being a unique way to store your data, a lipstick shaped flash drive can come in handy if you want your USB drive to be a little less conspicuous. Suppose you leave your data in your desk, not many nosey co-workers or even amateur hackers would think to unscrew your lipstick case, to find your data. Now, admittedly, this is not a textbook answer to securing your sensitive documents, but it does add a simplistic level of security.

Marketing With USB Drives

All of this top-secret spy stuff may be a little a little far-fetched. A real benefit of all of the weird and wonderful USB cases that are available is their use as a marketing tool. Giving out freebies is a great way to promote your product. A lipstick shaped USB drive is a great marketing tool for a cosmetic business or even a beauty salon. The outer case can be branded with a company logo. Additionally, a video presentation can be loaded onto the drive to really promote your business to potential customers. Buying low capacity bulk USB drives for marketing is fairly inexpensive and a great way to bring your business to the attention of prospective customers.

Standing Out From the Pack

It is no surprise that in many industries specialty USB drives have become commonplace. The auto industry for example often sends out promotional materials on USB drives that are not only functional but also eye-catching. Ferrari for instance had a high end leather enclosed flash drive it sent out for promo purposes, while Audi once used a key-shaped flash drive for distributing marketing materials. Use of USB marketing is everywhere. In fact, if you visit any industry trade show these days, you are likely to collect a plethora of USB drives.

The real challenge is to stand out from the competition. So if a lipstick shaped USB drive helps, then it may be the right choice. Some USB promo drives have dual uses. There are several of these dual use drives, a couple of the more interesting ones are a USB drive, which is also an ink pen and a bracelet, which operates as a USB drive. I have yet to see one that contains actual lipstick just yet, but who knows?

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USB Drive Pens Available In Colors

If you are shopping for a new USB drive pen, you are going to have plenty of choices. Memory size, style, and color can vary from pen to pen. Chances are that you want to make a statement with the drive, be it fashion or otherwise, and one of the best ways to make that impression is by making sure that you get a color that is sure to express what you are about.

Making Your Statement

When you are choosing any accessory that you are making a statement with, it is important that it be exactly the statement that you choose to make. If, for instance, you want to project an image of power and professionalism, perhaps a day glow pink USB drive pen isn’t the best way to go. If you are trying to project an image of lightheartedness and fun, a severe pen inlaid with gold isn’t going to do it. So, it is very important that you don’t just choose the pen that is sporting your favorite color.

Finding the Right Pen Drive

No matter what your price range or tastes, you can find exactly what you are looking for online. There are plenty of distributers out there that would be pleased to take your money to give you exactly what you are looking for. You can have the pen drive completely custom made, adding in your own colors and designs, or even have the pen engraved or stamped with whatever you would like on it. As a matter of fact, having your favorite quote or even your name engraved on the pen drive is a great way to make sure your statement is truly being made. If you would rather see some options in person, your local office supply store is sure to have quite a selection for you. If you head to the office supply store to make your choice, you can even see how it will look with your wardrobe.

If there is a specific color you are looking for in a pen drive, you are likely to find it if you do a bit of digging. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, create what you want. You can even have distributers get you pen drives in animal print! The sky is the limit and since your statement is a personal one, you have plenty of options to make your mark.

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Who Knew Files Were Sitting In Your Purse?

We have made advancements in technology in every aspect of our society. One of the most convenient of these advancements is the invention of the USB drive. These great devices take the place of those bulky files that you have been carrying around from place to place for years. The idea is simple – USB drives are portable storage devices where you can save electronic files from a computer source, enabling you to transport, store and share files safely and conveniently. As a matter of fact, you could have your company’s entire financial records, for the past twenty years sitting in your purse and no one would even know!

Variety Is The Spice of Life

Every year, the manufacturers of these great drives find new ways to make their drives appealing. While the functionality of the drive itself is more than enough to make a consumer want to run out and buy a few, by providing consumers with a wide range of colors and designs, manufacturers have made turned these drives into expressions of their owners, and consumers are eating it up. It doesn’t matter if you simply want to let people know that your favorite color is red or if you want to advertise your favorite summer blockbuster, with a USB drive shaped as your favorite character, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Smaller, Faster, Less Expensive

Every year these USB drives get smaller and more convenient, more reliable, and less expensive. You can even find smaller USB drives at your local dollar store. Because technology advances so quickly, manufacturers can continue to make the drives at a lower cost, without sacrificing any of the reliability that comes along with the drives. No matter how much memory you are looking for, you are likely to find a USB drive that is perfect for your needs. You can even find USB drives about the size of a credit card, that hold more memory than you could ever need.

There will always be those professions that keep to the old ways and prefer to open a physical file up in front of them, instead of opening the file on a computer. However, most people truly do see the benefit of these great inventions, and will use them in every aspect of their life, and no one will ever know just how many files you have in your purse.

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Is a USB Drive Shaped as a Pen a Great Office Gift?

If you are looking for a great idea for a gift to give a co-worker or even your boss, you could do a lot worse than a USB drive shaped as a pen. USB drives are a great way to save and transfer files, and giving a personalized USB drive is both fun and practical and you have plenty of style options available to you.

USB Drive Pens

USB drive pens are functional pens that can be worn in a pocket or kept at your desk and contain a USB drive within. These pens are almost like something straight out of an old spy movie, making them very cool items even before you start looking at personalization. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find a personalized pen drive in pretty much any color but as with anything else, the better the pen drive, the more you are going to wind up spending.


If you have ever gone shopping for a Waterman pen, you know just how expensive a pen can get. When you spend that type of money on a pen, you aren’t paying for the ink. Instead, you are paying for the image that comes along with the pen. The same is true with USB drive pens. While you can get them fairly inexpensively, less than $20 in many cases, if you have extravagant tastes and the resources to satisfy those tastes, you have options that can range into the hundreds of dollars. While the USB drive portion of these pens is likely comparable to the inexpensive brands, it is the outer casing that will run the price up. Often featuring precious metals, the more expensive drives can really make a powerful impression even when just using them to sign a document.

If you are looking for a great gift for the boss or a coworker that the whole office can be a part of, starting a collection for a USB drive pen, may be exactly what you are looking for. So, start passing around that hat and get the best USB drive that you can!

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Shopping For Custom USB Drives

If you use a USB drive in your life, and chances are that you do, you know just how much easier they can make life. They are convenient and reliable and very inexpensive, making them an almost essential office supply. Whether you use the drive for work or home, or you simply want to give one as a gift, you have plenty of options to pick the perfect USB drive, for the perfect occasion, and the shopping can be fun.


Businesses like to promote themselves. Why wouldn’t they? The fact is that if no one knows about them, how can they gain any customers? Well, if you want to provide potential customers with a product that they will use and will remind them of your company every time that they do, a USB drive is a great way to go. The great thing is that USB drives have become so widely used, that you don’t even have to look very hard to find a great deal, for some custom drives. As a matter of fact, it is possible that you could even order them from your local copy center or office supply location. By putting your company name or logo on drives that you plan to hand out, you can spread your business name very quickly and it’s very likely they will be calling you next time they need the service you provide.


USB drives have just as many, if not more, uses at home as they do at the office. Children can use them to prepare reports that they will present in school or share files with their friends and adults use them for the same reasons, and more. Finding custom USB drives to bring home is easy and fun. The drives come in all shapes and sizes and you can find one that is perfect for you. You can find drives shaped like characters from plenty of books, movies, cartoons, and television shows, musical instruments, there are even some drives on the market shaped like fruit and vegetables. If these choices still aren’t enough for you, you can always find places online to create exactly the drive you are looking for.

USB drives are efficient and practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun shopping for one! Finding the perfect drive can be a lot of fun, if only to see all of the available drives out there. It is understandable why we depend on these devices so regularly, considering all that you can do with a USB drive. Finding a custom USB drive can set you apart from those around you and show the world just how much of an individual you are.

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