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OTG 3-in-One USB for All Mobile Devices

Few things are more frustrating than realizing you ran out of data on your mobile device, especially if you’re trying to capture important memories with the ones you love. The newly released OTG 3-in-one USB is made to work with all mobile devices, and it allows you to extend your phone or tablet’s memory.

Going Beyond File Storage

While it’s important to have room to save your pictures, videos, and other important files, this new product is capable of going above and beyond. With it, you can also back up your smartphones as well as clear up their memory. This allows for faster and smoother operation of your mobile device.

Warranty and Durability Expectations

When you invest in the OTG 3-in-one USB, you get the assurance in knowing it offers a five year warranty. This allows protection for you in the event there are basic problems with the product. When it’s taken care of properly, it’s capable of offering 40 years of use.

Features and Specifications

Let’s go ahead and break down a few of the features and specifications of this product so you have a good idea of what to expect:

  • Available Sizes- 4GB through 128GB in both USB 2.0 and 3.0 (8GB and up) speeds.
  • Lightning plug (Apple), micro-USB plug (Android/Blackberry) and a standard USB plug (desktop/laptop).
  • Lossless video
  • Latest Storage Technology

If you appreciate the advancements in technology and want to take advantage of some of the most innovative storage technology solutions, the OTG 3-in-one USB is a great investment. It’s produced by USB Direct, the number one USB supplier in Canada, and they have a good track record of providing quality products to their consumers.

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Pointlessly Expensive USB Gadgets

Big things, it has been said, come in small packages. Prior generations looked forward to receiving small, velvety boxes, hoping for precious gems. Today’s little gifts are more likely to plug into the USB port on your computer, and will be just as appreciated. Many of the USB-powered devices on the market are of the promotional variety, meaning they fill an everyday need (such as a flash drive for data storage and transfer), but come in the form of a quirky design.

Desktop Fun

Other USB gadgets are just outright toys, such as the desktop rocket launcher, which has become the scourge of office cubicles worldwide. The fact that they can draw power from your computer is what makes them so novel and appealing. If they happen to serve an actual purpose as well, then that’s just the icing on the techno-cake, but there are other USB devices out there that have a price tag that would make bulk-buying prohibitive to most folks.

Taking the Plunge

One very expensive item with a USB application is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. With a full terabyte of eSATA II SSD storage capacity, it puts most computer hard drives to shame. It also includes a 96×48 megapixel monochrome LCD display screen, as well as the latest (256 AES) in security encryption for both hardware and software. Of course, it also comes complete with a pocket knife with a blade, a nail file and a tiny pair of scissors. If that’s all you want for your $3,000 then take the plunge.

Or, if you want something that’s expensive for the sake of being expensive, you could splurge on the Cartier USB Key. It’s just a flash drive that bears the Cartier logo, not encrusted in jewels as one might expect, but painted on. It holds about 4GB of storage, nothing special about that, and has an LED light that glows when plugged into your computer. The only thing that is noteworthy about it is the price, $800, roughly the cost of a new Apple i-Pad. Opulence surely must be its own reward.

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Backup Data with USB

Utilizing USB flash drives is one of the most important steps in backing up data and keeping secure storage standards. Many individuals and businesses cannot afford to lose valuable data but do not take the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves against this risk. Using USB flash drives is a simple and cost effective way to back up the crucial data in case of an emergency.

Secure Important Data

There are many different reasons for both individuals and businesses to make sure they have backups available of the most important data. There are different unforeseeable circumstances or situations that render users helpless to access their most crucial computer information at any time. Using flash drives to maintain backup copies is an easy way to thwart the risks related to software malfunctions and other catastrophes.

Keep Personal Data Safe

Keeping a personal or private flash drive is a smart way to keep the most valuable and important information safe and confidential. Many flash drives can be password protected to secure the data from parties without permission. This is a great way to transfer business documents, contracts to store personal tax documents as well. Many people keep the valuable flash drives locked away in a safe or close by on them personally.

Keeping data and information is important in the current information age. Flash drives are important for securing data for both the business and your personal life. Many people utilize the password protected and high-end products to maximize their protection from potential identity thieves and server errors. Losing vital business data can cripple a proprietorship in weeks; stolen tax documents can result in months or years of headaches with the IRS. Searching on the internet is one of the best ways to find the most reliable products available online and locally retail.

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Invest in a USB today

Using USB flash drives effectively can make daily life easier in so many different ways. Flash drives can help improve both the personal life and the business life. Flash drives can fulfill a few different needs so it is important to find the best ones to meet the appropriate needs. It is most effective to research the possibilities online as well as visiting with local retailers in the market. Finding the right flash drives is a quick solution to streamline the path towards success.

Flash Drives Wear Many Hats

Almost every type of consumer can find an effective use for flash drives. Flash drives can help both individuals and business professionals become more organized and transfer information and data more easily. USB flash drives also make sharing data and information easier to accomplish as well. Flash drives can accomplish a number of tasks for the technology astute individual.

Find the best USB Fit

Using the information available on the internet is one of the best ways to find out about the best options available on the market. There are constantly new products and innovations coming out to supplement for different applications so it is important to follow the current trends in order to find the best solutions. Many professionals use password protected USB flash drives to safely secure and transfer their data.

Finding the right flash drive can help propel your personal life and business life to new productive levels. Utilizing flash drives is an intelligent way to stay organized and secure when dealing with valuable information or data. Flash drives can come in many different forms and can fit a number of different purposes. Flash drives are a moderately priced technology that can be valuable long-term assets for almost any type of consumer looking for productivity and organization solutions.

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