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Toy Car Shape USB Drive

  USB drives have given users a lot of mobility with their documents. You can put literally gigabytes of data in your front pocket and load it from anywhere you have access to a computer. Probably the one advantage USB drives have over “The Cloud” is accessibility, without the need to connect to the internet. Another advantage of USB drives is, like “The Cloud”, they can be used as an inexpensive way to backup important data. Smart users incorporate both methods of storing data into their data recovery plan.

More Than a USB Stick

Besides being a good way to save and store data, USB drives have taken on a second life for some people as a form of expression. You can find USB drives in just about any form factor you can imagine. Some are quite quirky, while others are designed to be more practical. Almost anything that you hold near and dear has probably already been represented in a USB flash drive case. There is even one really ambitious DIY mod on the internet, which illustrates how to turn your favorite Hot Wheels car into a USB flash drive. You have to be somewhat technical in order to assemble the drive, but for the less technical, there are other options.

Several companies make USB drives models after cars. One such company I found, has over 90 different models, including classics like the ’67 Chevy Mustang, and they even roll, just like real Hot Wheels! If you are more futuristic in you love of cars, another USB drive design is actually modeled on the Transformers cartoon and movie franchise concept. This USB drive is a tiger, which transforms into a car. The USB end plug is protected, when in “tiger mode,” and has to be transformed into a car in order to be plugged in for use.

Think Functionality First

One important thing to remember is ultimately these devices are meant to save your data. Although there are no moving parts, USB drives do have a solder point which connects the outer case to the main circuit board. If that connection breaks it has to be repaired, before you can retrieve your data. So, when you select a specialized USB drive to store your important data on, be sure it is durable and practical enough for everyday use. However, if you just want a cool USB drive for casual use, then go for it! There are many inventive choices out there.

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Wood USB Drives Are Great Gifts

If you are looking for a unique gift for the techie or even the less than techie person in your life then a designer USB flash drive might be a perfect fit. USB drives a very high capacity these days and they can be used to store files for portability or for backup purposes. Almost any level of computer user can find a use for a USB drive. Pictures, documents, music or important documents are all commonly stored on USB drives by the average user. More technical users use USB flash drives to do things like run alternate operating systems like Linux, perform recoveries and even lock down data with embedded data keys. So you see, you really can’t have too many flash drives.

Unique Flash Drives

Designer USB drives are everywhere. A form factor is a technical term for the outer shell, or covering that houses the USB drive or really any peripheral device. Form factors can be made to look like just about anything. There are forms factors that look like food, cars, toys and everything else under the sun. Many of these form factors are made of molded plastic and while they are both whimsical and creative they are not always durable. Also, there is another issue with many of them. Sometimes functionality is not the focus of the design. In other words, they are not always practical. USB ports are often adjacent to each other. The height of the molded plastic casing can at times prevent the user from plugging in another USB device, thereby rendering the remaining port useless.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Drives

Eco friendly drives seem to be a trend lately. Believe it or not you can actually buy a cardboard USB drive, although I’m not sure how high they rate as far as durability. There are other USB case enclosures, which are available to purchase that are very durable, natural wood, usually bamboo, is a common material. These are sturdy and eco-friendly drives. They are also pretty classy looking and make great gifts or promotional giveaway items. Imagine your company logo etched into a wood USB drive. You can also get a wood USB drive personalized with someone’s name for gift giving; this makes a truly impressive gift. Wood USB drives are functional, low profile, unique and sophisticated looking.

Besides, do you really want to pull out your pizza shaped USB drive in front of your boss, to show him the latest spreadsheets?

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