What’s New with USB Cables?


USB-Pen-DriveJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – along comes a new USB cable that is going to turn the tech world on its collective ear. in addition to being reversible, which means you won’t have to worry about plugging in the wrong way anymore, it’s going to several other features. Will this finally end USB issues?

Finally – Enough Is Enough!

Imagine the frustration that must have finally driven someone to create a USB cable that is reversible. How many of us have irritated lady tried to plug in a USB only to find you had it upside down? Apparently, somebody finally tried that exacting one too many times and sad – this is ridiculous I got to do something. And so they get. Later on this year you should start seeing the reversible USB ports showing up on all sorts of mobile devices.

But Don’t Stop at Reversible – Oh No!

Does it seem like every time there is an upgrade you have to change around all of your equipment just to accommodate that upgrade? Well it seems like that because it’s mostly true. One of the good things about this USB cable, that will be available for everyone later this year, is the fact that it will tolerate upgrades. Not only will it tolerate them, but it will accommodate them in a welcoming manner.

The new reversible USB can be found online though thus far it has simply been shown as an artists rendering.


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