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Shopping For Custom USB Drives

If you use a USB drive in your life, and chances are that you do, you know just how much easier they can make life. They are convenient and reliable and very inexpensive, making them an almost essential office supply. Whether you use the drive for work or home, or you simply want to give one as a gift, you have plenty of options to pick the perfect USB drive, for the perfect occasion, and the shopping can be fun.


Businesses like to promote themselves. Why wouldn’t they? The fact is that if no one knows about them, how can they gain any customers? Well, if you want to provide potential customers with a product that they will use and will remind them of your company every time that they do, a USB drive is a great way to go. The great thing is that USB drives have become so widely used, that you don’t even have to look very hard to find a great deal, for some custom drives. As a matter of fact, it is possible that you could even order them from your local copy center or office supply location. By putting your company name or logo on drives that you plan to hand out, you can spread your business name very quickly and it’s very likely they will be calling you next time they need the service you provide.


USB drives have just as many, if not more, uses at home as they do at the office. Children can use them to prepare reports that they will present in school or share files with their friends and adults use them for the same reasons, and more. Finding custom USB drives to bring home is easy and fun. The drives come in all shapes and sizes and you can find one that is perfect for you. You can find drives shaped like characters from plenty of books, movies, cartoons, and television shows, musical instruments, there are even some drives on the market shaped like fruit and vegetables. If these choices still aren’t enough for you, you can always find places online to create exactly the drive you are looking for.

USB drives are efficient and practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun shopping for one! Finding the perfect drive can be a lot of fun, if only to see all of the available drives out there. It is understandable why we depend on these devices so regularly, considering all that you can do with a USB drive. Finding a custom USB drive can set you apart from those around you and show the world just how much of an individual you are.

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Save Your Marketing Efforts With Guerilla Marketing

What is guerilla marketing? This form of marketing has become a necessity for business owners over the last four years because, as the economy has slowed, more companies have found it necessary to try different marketing tactics in the hopes of generating sales and keeping their businesses alive.


Promotional Items And Guerilla Marketing


One of the best things to do with guerilla marketing is to give promotional items away for free; one of the best promotional items that you can give away are USB drives because, unlike coffee mugs or hats, a USB drive is something that people use every single day because, almost everyone has a computer these days.


The USB drive that you give away should have your company logo imprinted on it along with your business name, 1-800 number and short marketing message. The great thing about promotional USB drives is that they generate a better return on investment than any other form of advertising because, the average person will look at a promotional item than they will look at an advertisement in a magazine, newspaper or view a commercial on television.


When To Start Your Freebie Campaign


If you’re wondering when is the best time to give away free promotional items the answer is there’s never a best time than right now especially if you have a physical location, you always want to have your promotional items like USB drives, pens or pencils in the front of your store for people to take home because, the more accustomed they are to seeing the free items that you have to offer, they will become accustomed to taking those items and using them on a regular basis.


Live Events


Another great time to give away free promotional items is at live events like trade shows, fairs or local events; your goal should be to always attend venues where your potential customers might be because, live events means that you will have more time to “press the flesh”, hand out your free, USB drives and also generate more leads for your business. Although giving out free, promotional items might seem like it takes a lot of work, the results will pay off quickly in more leads and sales.


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