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USB Drives Do Make a Difference

926245_flash_driveAnybody who has ever had to transfer files from one place to another knows the transfer can be a bit of a pain.  File folders are bulky and heavy and it can be easy to disorganize the contents by mistake.  If you are in a field in which sensitive information is being passed around in this outdated folder, you can truly run into a problem if some of that information is misplaced, lost, or even compromised.  When it comes to the transporting of files, USB drives really do make a difference.


Safe and Easy


When you are able to save your files onto a USB drive instead of lugging the physical files around, you are able to control exactly where you keep your drive and who sees your drive.  You can even secure many USB drives directly to your keychain just for that extra piece of mind.  The transfer of the information takes only a few clicks once the drive has been plugged into your computer, making the transfer of files just as easy as the transporting of files.  This comes in handy in many circumstances, whether you want to share the files with your client or even just transfer them from one employee to another.  There really isn’t a safer or easier way to keep the information you need at the ready.


Not Just for Transporting


While transporting files is made much, much simpler by the use of USB drives, there are plenty of other reasons that you would find yourself in need of an extra drive.  For instance, since they are great for storage and can potentially last for years, under the right circumstances, they make wonderful storage units for those old files that are just taking up space in your file room.  By scanning the files then saving them to a USB drive, you are giving yourself more room to store the active files you are working on.  Or, even better, once you make the switch over to using electronic files exclusively, you will have more room to make your company that much more effective and productive.


USB drives have plenty of uses for both your professional and your personal life.  However, when it comes to remaining efficient and keeping costs down, companies really should look at USB drives and consider switching over to an electronic document filing system, if for no other reason than to save space.

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Need To Transfer Files Fast?

293523_usb_portable_hdImagine being able to transfer files as quickly as it takes you to remove a pen from your pocket and set it down on the desk.  Thanks to various USB flash drives in 128 GB, 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB, 8 GB, and a tiny little 4 GB model that clip into your pocket just like a pen, you can now take that flash drive from your pocket, plug it into the side of a laptop and by punching a couple of buttons retrieve information for transfer or any other use that you see fit.  All in relative security.


Take My Flash Drive, Please


So handy are these little USB flash drives that they are even being utilized as the new business card. Imagine, rather than passing out pens with your logo and phone number on the side, handing out little USB drives contained in business cards that people can plug into their laptops.  They can then pull up any and all information pertaining to you, your business and whatever other information you deem appropriate.  Additionally, these flash drives are given away as promotional products with a company’s logo and phone number on the side of the flash drive itself but the flash drive can be used by an individual for storage of their own personal files.  Buying these in bulk is of course the most financially advantageous method, particularly if you’re going to be handing them out as promotional gifts or loading information onto them and then giving it to someone else so that they can transfer the files onto their laptops or into their computer.


Have Fun with Your Flash Drive


Aside from being cartoon characters, what do you suppose angry birds, Sylvester the cat, the Tasmanian Devil, Bart and Homer Simpson, Stewie from Family Guy and so many other fictional characters have in common? They are all customized models of USB flash drives.  How fun is that?  Of course you don’t have to have fun with your flash drive, you can just get a plain, boring, pocket clip model or one that you can hang around your neck.  Then again, what’s wrong with putting a little bit of fun in your life, albeit through the use of a cartoon character flash drive?  Of course that wouldn’t be the one that you hand out, unless you really want to have some fun.  But that could get pricey.


Then again, if price is no object… You get it.


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Use Folders When Organizing Your USB Drive

613683_files_and_archives_3Whether you choose to use a 128 GB, 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB, 8 GB, or a tiny little 4 GB USB flash drive you will undoubtedly become more organized through its usage.  USB flash drives are in every pocket, computer case, piece of luggage, purse and more these days.  They are used by people in all walks of life all over the world.  Even if your organizational skills are slim to none, you can become a more organized individual through the use of today’s USB flash drives.


Setting up Folders


As an example, people set up folders for backup, videos, pictures, music, documents and so much more. It saves you the trouble of paging through endless lists in order to find just that one thing that you need to get your hands on.  Saving time is of the utmost importance in business but can be essential in other areas of your life as well.  You can carry all your information with you and, through plugging your flash drive it into and using someone else’s computer, not have to worry about sharing that information with anyone.  You could even make a folder of programs that you need to carry with you if you so choose.

Applications, memory capacity, portability and function are just a few of the characteristics of a USB flash drive.  And if you’re using Windows, there are even more.  USB drives however, do not come without risks.


The Risks of USB Flash Drives


If the availability of systems seems impacted after using a USB flash drive a virus may have found its way in.  Unauthorized access, though rare, can occur due to the launch of a vulnerability scanner program. The cracking of passwords has been derived when using Windows through a program that gathers password hashes.  And horribly, all of the computer keyboard entered characters that you typed can be captured by a program referred to as a key catcher.  Now, are these issues something that you should worry about?  You should be vigilant and concerned more than worried.


There are controls that can be put into place to make sure that these issues do not arise.  You had to know that with the popularity of USB flash drive’s increasing daily some hacker somewhere would figure out a way to make them less efficient, secure and attractive.  Members of a business team should be trained in security awareness, requirements for passwords, requirements for encryption and what kind of information it is that’s okay to store on this type of removable media.

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USB Drive Shaped Like a Credit Card

USB drives have become part of everyday life for many people. Whether you are sharing or storing information, these drives have carved a place into our world and there is no sign that they are going anywhere. Considering the convenience and reliability of USB drives, it is no wonder that the use of the drives has become so main stream. Flash drives have given us the power and freedom to take any amount of information from one place to the next without having to tote around bulky paperwork. The manufacturers have become so intent on providing efficiency and portability that they have even begun manufacturing drives that are the about the size and shape of a credit card.

Taking it From Here to There

When you are transporting files, it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention, paperwork is messy and bulky, and carrying files around is a pain and can be dangerous for the information you are carrying. We have all seen a scene in a movie where someone is running to a meeting with a handful of important paperwork just to run into someone on their way, and the paperwork falls to the ground dramatically and scattered from one end of the office to the other. Well, that wouldn’t have happened if they had been using a flash drive instead.

Fashion Statements

USB drives have now become so main stream today that manufacturers are now creating them almost as fashion accessories. You can find USB drives covered with your children’s favorite cartoon characters, or stars of the latest blockbuster, even shaped like different characters. While these are all fun, some of them do take a bit away from the convenience of the drives. The most functional of these designs, however, seems to be the credit card shaped designs. While these tend to be a bit thicker than a credit card, the shape and size make it convenience to take the drives from one place to another easily while giving the drive a slick look that you will appreciate.

USB drives come in all shapes, colors, sizes and designs, some of them much more functional than others. When it comes to the drives shaped as credit cards, these tend to have plenty of memory, and are fashionable and convenient. After you have one, you will ask yourself how you went so long without.

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