Can’t We All Just Get Along?


th (2)USB, Micro USB, upside down plug-Ins, incompatibility with updates, limited (low) wattage tolerance, slow download speeds… Stop the madness!  Can’t somebody make a USB that rises to the occasion of today’s demands?  Good news techies – someone finally has!

The New and Improved Type C USB

Yes, you’ve come a long way baby – That is of course referring to the old 1990s rendition of the USB cord.  As much as it may have changed the world of technology back then, it has become a more or less frustrating piece of equipment that we have tolerated for lack of something better.  But something better is on the horizon.  Not just the horizon in fact… It’s here – in a manner of speaking.  It will be referred to as the Type C USB and it is going to change USBs as you know them.

Created but Not yet Produced

This amazing new little item – and I do mean little (the size of current micro USBs) – is not yet in mass production.  Hopefully you’ll see it by the end of this year.  This USB will be reversible, increase download speeds, tolerate higher wattages and play well with others when it comes to future upgrades.

Of course even once it’s mass-produced, it’s going to take the manufacturers of today’s mobile devices a while to change their USB ports to accommodate the new USB plug-ins.  Sheesh!  It’s always something.


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Daniel Rubin Daniel Rubin is the co-owner of USB Direct Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the manufacturing of logo flash drives. You can view his .

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