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Pointlessly Expensive USB Gadgets

Big things, it has been said, come in small packages. Prior generations looked forward to receiving small, velvety boxes, hoping for precious gems. Today’s little gifts are more likely to plug into the USB port on your computer, and will be just as appreciated. Many of the USB-powered devices on the market are of the promotional variety, meaning they fill an everyday need (such as a flash drive for data storage and transfer), but come in the form of a quirky design.

Desktop Fun

Other USB gadgets are just outright toys, such as the desktop rocket launcher, which has become the scourge of office cubicles worldwide. The fact that they can draw power from your computer is what makes them so novel and appealing. If they happen to serve an actual purpose as well, then that’s just the icing on the techno-cake, but there are other USB devices out there that have a price tag that would make bulk-buying prohibitive to most folks.

Taking the Plunge

One very expensive item with a USB application is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. With a full terabyte of eSATA II SSD storage capacity, it puts most computer hard drives to shame. It also includes a 96×48 megapixel monochrome LCD display screen, as well as the latest (256 AES) in security encryption for both hardware and software. Of course, it also comes complete with a pocket knife with a blade, a nail file and a tiny pair of scissors. If that’s all you want for your $3,000 then take the plunge.

Or, if you want something that’s expensive for the sake of being expensive, you could splurge on the Cartier USB Key. It’s just a flash drive that bears the Cartier logo, not encrusted in jewels as one might expect, but painted on. It holds about 4GB of storage, nothing special about that, and has an LED light that glows when plugged into your computer. The only thing that is noteworthy about it is the price, $800, roughly the cost of a new Apple i-Pad. Opulence surely must be its own reward.

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A USB Battery?

USB technology is phenomenally versatile. This is probably the reason why it has taken the place of some many other, similar technological options, coming to dominate the market even as it grows more sophisticated. So when it comes to USB, if you can dream it, it’s probably been done. The gamut of USB devices runs from artificial pets to networking devices to hard drives to simple power cords. It should not come as a surprise then, that there is now a USB capable battery on the market.

A “Green” Battery Option

USB Cells are rechargeable batteries that have been designed to recharge via a USB connection rather than a wall socket. It’s a fascinating new approach to making batteries more environmentally friendly. Of course, there have been rechargeable batteries on the market for years, what makes these unique is their USB technology. According to their makers, these batteries are the solution to the over fifteen billion alkaline batteries that are used and thrown away each year. By contrast the USB Cells can be used and then recharged many hundreds of times without needing to be replaced.

A Simple Battery Solution

In addition to being green, these batteries are also convenient. They allow you to travel with a renewable power source that doesn’t need any peripherals of its own, no cords or any other paraphernalia. Instead, you simply plug them into a USB capable device and allow them to recharge. If you have a hand help game player, for example, you could charge one set while using another to power the machine. When the set in use has drained, you simply switch them out for the newly powered pair.

The Future of USB Battery Technology

Currently, the batteries are available in AA cells, but the product has been so well received that there are now new options in production as well. These include:

  • AAA USB Cell Batteries
  • C/D USB Cell Batteries
  • 9V USB Cell Batteries
  • Prismatic USB Cell Batteries
  • Phone and Device USB Cell Batteries
  • Fashion USB Cell Batteries

Look for all of these USB Cell Batteries to be available in the near future.

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Confused About USB Devices?

The good news is that there’s not much to be confused about. Like any other technological device, USB devices are quite complicated when it comes to understanding their inner workings. But the layperson really only needs to know a few simple things about USB technology.

What is USB Anyway?

First and foremost, a USB or Universal Serial Bus is the device that allows one piece of technology (often a personal computer) to communicate with a second, separate device (such as a webcam or keyboard). That’s it. All in all, it seems rather simple, but the truth is that USB technology enables communication, which is one of the most important functions of our modern lives. This technology is not the only method that has been devised to do this, but it is increasingly taking over the market and replacing other options. These days, it has spread from its initially planned use in computers to a completely new set of devices, including smartphones, PDAs, and video game consoles.

What Can I Do With USB Technology?

The primary function of USB technology is to allow the communication of data between devices. This makes it an incredibly flexible technology and it can be harnessed in support of a wide variety of technical uses. Devices that can be used with USB technology include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Digital cameras
  • Printers
  • Personal media players
  • Flash drives
  • Network adapters
  • External hard drives

Really, the possibilities are endless. The available devices that use USB technology range from entertaining little devices that connect to the computer to enable a disco ball to flash and spin in time with your music to devices that can be used as power cords for your machine to external hard drives that will make it possible for you to store your data safely in the long term. All of these devices use USB technology to connect and share data via your main device, the personal computer. Without it, your machine would be an island in a sea of technology. So if you’re confused about USBs then just remember that they are the modern answer to device communication and be glad you have them instead of floppy discs and serial ports.

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Top 10 USB Gadgets

If you are a tech junkie, than you probably enjoy playing around with gadgets. Technology today provides us with several different gadgets allowing us to experiencing new things and to be entertained. And many of these gadgets use USB technology. Here is a list of the top ten USB gadgets that you might want to check out:

  1. USB Plasma Ball-The USB plasma ball is a popular gadget for many work stations. It is a great novelty item that will definitely add some flair to your desk!
  2. USB Greenhouse-How cool is this? A greenhouse powered by a USB. It may take a while to grow a plant in this gadget, but you will enjoy the process.
  3. USB Hamster Wheel-This gadget is simply funny. The digital hamsters have great character and the speed of the wheel is based on your typing speed – even better!
  4. USB Disco Ball-This toy is one of the most popular. It flashes throughout the day when it is plugged into your computer. Surprisingly, many people find it to be relaxing.
  5. USB Coffee Warmer-This is definitely practical. How annoying is it when your coffee gets cold after a long meeting? The coffee warmer keeps it at an ideal temperature!
  6. USB Harddrive-Do you need to prevent data loss? Perhaps you should invest in a USB Harddrive. This could be an essential piece of equipment if you are in a bind at the office.
  7. USB Missile Launcher-Need a break from all that hard work? Take out your USB missile launder and aim it at coworkers that are bugging you. It’s a great way to relieve stress!
  8. USB Phone-Do you make a lot of international phone calls at work? Free VoIP is an ideal way to take advantage of the USB on your computer. All you need is a USB phone.
  9. USB Drum Kit-Make drumming noises using your fingers with the USB drum kit. It is hilarious, entertaining and a great desk accessory. Plug this tool in and play!
  10. USB Chameleon-Looking for an animal to roll its eyes at you and stick out its tongue? The chameleon will answer your call!!!
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