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Do Recycled USB Drives Exist?

Eco-minded computer users can find many ways to lessen their carbon footprint. while still using the technology they need and want. The first thing any conscientious techie should do is properly recycle any unwanted electronics. There are several ways to do this and it has become far less painful to accomplish this task than it once was. There are official drop off facilities in most towns and some private companies have kiosks in malls. It also pays to check with the maker of a device you are considering recycling. This is because many retailers offer cash back or credits for your recycled electronics.

Used Items

Beyond your own efforts to recycle your used electronics you can also look at purchasing used items. Buying used items helps the environment because as the demand for new items diminishes, the need to produce them also diminishes. Less production means less use of raw materials also less power or energy consumption, to produce goods is needed, and that is beneficial for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Electronics

Sometimes a used item is not appropriate, especially when it comes to electronics. Because used items are not usually current models many techies may not be interested in buying them. Purchasing recycled or eco-friendly items is another way you can reduce waste. Recycled items are made from reused or re-purposed parts. There are several ways an item can be considered eco-friendly. Two examples would be that the parts used are re-purposed or the process by which the item is produced can be manufactured in an eco-conscious way. Eco-conscious means that sustainable materials were used in the production and that minimal harm has been done to the environment, as a result of the production.

More and more we are seeing items that are eco-friendly. There are many USB drives on the market that fall into this category. Several form factors use sustainable materials such as bamboo. Also the internal materials can be eco-friendly, for example the solder points on the chip set can be made of lead-free solder, which is easier on the environment when it decomposes.

These are just a few ways a conscientious techie can make eco-smart purchases. More and more we are seeing manufactures respond to the demand of consumers to produce eco-friendly electronics.

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Is a USB Drive Shaped as a Pen a Great Office Gift?

If you are looking for a great idea for a gift to give a co-worker or even your boss, you could do a lot worse than a USB drive shaped as a pen. USB drives are a great way to save and transfer files, and giving a personalized USB drive is both fun and practical and you have plenty of style options available to you.

USB Drive Pens

USB drive pens are functional pens that can be worn in a pocket or kept at your desk and contain a USB drive within. These pens are almost like something straight out of an old spy movie, making them very cool items even before you start looking at personalization. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find a personalized pen drive in pretty much any color but as with anything else, the better the pen drive, the more you are going to wind up spending.


If you have ever gone shopping for a Waterman pen, you know just how expensive a pen can get. When you spend that type of money on a pen, you aren’t paying for the ink. Instead, you are paying for the image that comes along with the pen. The same is true with USB drive pens. While you can get them fairly inexpensively, less than $20 in many cases, if you have extravagant tastes and the resources to satisfy those tastes, you have options that can range into the hundreds of dollars. While the USB drive portion of these pens is likely comparable to the inexpensive brands, it is the outer casing that will run the price up. Often featuring precious metals, the more expensive drives can really make a powerful impression even when just using them to sign a document.

If you are looking for a great gift for the boss or a coworker that the whole office can be a part of, starting a collection for a USB drive pen, may be exactly what you are looking for. So, start passing around that hat and get the best USB drive that you can!

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USB Drive Shaped Like a Credit Card

USB drives have become part of everyday life for many people. Whether you are sharing or storing information, these drives have carved a place into our world and there is no sign that they are going anywhere. Considering the convenience and reliability of USB drives, it is no wonder that the use of the drives has become so main stream. Flash drives have given us the power and freedom to take any amount of information from one place to the next without having to tote around bulky paperwork. The manufacturers have become so intent on providing efficiency and portability that they have even begun manufacturing drives that are the about the size and shape of a credit card.

Taking it From Here to There

When you are transporting files, it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention, paperwork is messy and bulky, and carrying files around is a pain and can be dangerous for the information you are carrying. We have all seen a scene in a movie where someone is running to a meeting with a handful of important paperwork just to run into someone on their way, and the paperwork falls to the ground dramatically and scattered from one end of the office to the other. Well, that wouldn’t have happened if they had been using a flash drive instead.

Fashion Statements

USB drives have now become so main stream today that manufacturers are now creating them almost as fashion accessories. You can find USB drives covered with your children’s favorite cartoon characters, or stars of the latest blockbuster, even shaped like different characters. While these are all fun, some of them do take a bit away from the convenience of the drives. The most functional of these designs, however, seems to be the credit card shaped designs. While these tend to be a bit thicker than a credit card, the shape and size make it convenience to take the drives from one place to another easily while giving the drive a slick look that you will appreciate.

USB drives come in all shapes, colors, sizes and designs, some of them much more functional than others. When it comes to the drives shaped as credit cards, these tend to have plenty of memory, and are fashionable and convenient. After you have one, you will ask yourself how you went so long without.

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Take Your Files Anywhere

If you have a business that has you travelling, you are well aware of just how much of an inconvenience carrying around a suitcase full of manila folders can be. Not only can the files get heavy, but the folders themselves, along with the contents, can get beat up and the contents strewn about, making it difficult to separate them into the correct files. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is time that you finally make that switch over to portable USB drives.


USB drives have made the transport of information easy and efficient. These little pieces of technology can carry something as small as your presentation within, or they can even be large enough to carry a mirror of your main computer’s hard drive. For the most part, you can even carry these drives around with you in your pocket, making it easy for you to keep track of your files at all times.

Secure and Reliable

When you have sensitive documents in paper form, you are just asking to lose one of those important documents, thereby compromising the information you have lost. With a flash drive, you can even password protect your files, adding an extra level of security. Since manufacturers expect you to simply save your files and throw the drive into your pocket, they make sure that the drives are reliable and can take a bit of a tumble. Not to mention, since the main purpose of the flash is to simply provide memory, there really aren’t any moving parts that you have to worry about getting jostled around.

Taking your files with you while you travel has never been easier. USB drives give you the power to keep you files organized, while also giving you the ability to view and edit your files from any computer. It doesn’t matter if you are on a plane or just relaxing on the beach. Considering all of the benefits of using a USB drive, you will soon be asking yourself why it took so long for you to get on board.

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Get Organized With USB Drives

We live in a fast paced business world, where only the strong survive. Being the strongest doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest, but it is generally the smartest. While USB drives have been around for a few years, these wonderful pieces of technology really can help your business become safer and more streamlined, and the smarter companies have already been using them, to help their business. If you haven’t been using USB drives for your company, for at least a year already, you are may be falling behind the times.

Sensitive Information

In many business fields today, sensitive information is passed back and forth, between employees on a regular basis. Whether it is financial information, confidential information, or a customer’s personal information, there are plenty of opportunities for this passing of information to go wrong. Unfortunately, papers can get lost or misplaced, even thrown away, and emails can be compromised. One of the most secure ways to pass information between employees is by saving the information, onto flash drives. Flash drives are small, convenient, reliable, and inexpensive, making them a perfect tool to carry sensitive information, from one place to the next. The files can even be password protected, for that added bit of security.

Storage Space

Whether you are still using an old cabinet filing system or if you have updated to keeping your files on a server, files take up storage space, that could be better used. As a business, you need to keep your documents on file, for as long as possible, so getting rid of old documents to find new space isn’t necessarily advantageous. By saving your old files onto a USB drive, you will be able to save space, which will ultimately have your file system running smoother than ever. Even if you are working with an old filing system, it is possible to have all of your old documents scanned and saved directly onto a USB drive, just in case you ever need it. Since these drives are generally no larger than a small modem, in most cases even smaller, you can even keep a decade’s worth of files in a desk drawer, instead of dedicating an entire file room to them.

USB drives are fast, reliable, convenient, and affordable. Even the larger drives can be purchased, for less than $200. If you don’t want to fall behind in the business world, it is essential that you remain the strongest, and using USB drives could put you on that road. You don’t want to fall behind, do you? Not to mention, just think about how grateful your employees are when you turn that old filing room, into a brand new break room for them to enjoy.

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Cool New Ways You Can Use Your USB Drive

usb-flash-driveHaving a USB drive can open your world to a wide variety of uses. For many new electronics, whether the electronics are used in a home theater, computer, or even your automobile, the USB drive can be a really cool new feature you can put multiple items on. From music to files a USB drive is great to save all of the data, photos, and important files you don’t ever want to lose.

What Can A USB Drive Do For Your Commute

The really cool thing about having a USB drive is you can store a huge amount of music on your driving depending on the USB size you own. For many of the newer cars that have a special stereo system installed, a USB drive can be used. Not only do you have the music you love to listen to, but if you are traveling and happen to get into an area that doesn’t have the musical selection you enjoy, all you have to do is insert your USB drive into the special slot, and you have all of your favorite tunes to enjoy.

USBDirect.com For Your USB Drive Needs

If you are thinking it is time to finally take the plunge and purchase a USB drive, you should do some research before you go out and buy just any USB drive. You need to be sure you fully understand what a USB drive can do for you, and make sure the size is going to be ideal. The wonderful thing about choosing USBDirect.com for all of your USB needs is, you are able to chat with a customer service agent, that will be able to professionally answer all of your questions and concerns.

Upgrading the way you store all of your important files, photos, and music is always highly recommended. You want to be sure you are able to keep up with all of the latest and greatest new devices that will make your life much simpler.

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USB Flash Drive Heaven

There are a number of options available to consumer that know the value of USB products and flash drives in everyday life. Using these tiny devices can make a huge impact for almost any type of consumer. USB flash drives can meet the needs of both business people and family members as well. There have been numerous advances utilizing the patented USB technology interface. There are many different reasons why this tool is one of the premier inventions in the modern era.

The Ever Popular USB is Growing

USB ports have become the universal link for many hi-end devices that allow consumers to connect hardware and transfer info information as well. There are constant advances being made in USB technologies so there is virtually no ceiling on the innovative possibilities and potential ceiling of their impact throughout society. This subtle tool has made the transfer of infinite amounts of information possible within an instant.

USB Safety is the Most Important Factor

There are many products that offer considerable safety measures to help protect consumers against potential threats to the information on the flash drives or being transferred between parties. There are many password protected and secured drives that are favored when handling sensitive or private information. Information security and identity protection is becoming more important in this rapidly growing information age.

The advances in USB technologies are creating an unlimited amount of possibilities to take consumers and business to new heights in the future. As a result, the USB drives are becoming more popular in nearly every device recently. Protecting information and data is assured by password-protected drives that are available on the market. USB technologies have influences across multiple industries aside from its popularity in the consumer market. This small device has the potential to have a strong global impact in shaping the future of tomorrow.

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Collect Movies in Flash Drives

Using flash drives to collect and organize movies is the one of the best ways to build an impressive master collection. USB flash drives can hold hundreds of movies if they are large enough. Storing movies on a flash drive is a convenient way to keep your favorite movies together and close by for the best time. Flash drives are one of the best assets to own that can help make daily life easier.

A Movie Buff’s Dream

There are many ways for people to view and download their favorite movies online for a small fee or even for free many times. Using faster internet speeds makes downloading movies even more attractive when the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. It is easy to find your favorites movies online; it is also easy to copy the movies on to the USB flash drive. Many people create folders and categorize genres to help stay organized and find specific movies easier.

Absolute USB Convenience

Using a small flash drive is the easiest ways to keep hundreds of movies to choose from when you have limited time or space. Flash drives can fit in your pocket or just about anywhere, that is convenient. Modern technology makes it possible to have you favorite movies around to choose from at all times. The ability to take your favorite movies anywhere is invaluable for passing time and staying entertained from any location.

Flash drives are the best thing to ever happen to a tech savvy movie buff. Flash drives can hold the movies you can imagine and the transfer is almost instantly. USB flash drives can be taken to any location or stored anywhere for convenience. Many people keep a flash drive full of their favorite movies in their pocket or bag to take wherever they go.

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USB Drives for Political Campaigns

Election time is officially here and for many politicians it’s a time of hard work as they are diligently spreading the word about their candidacies in the hopes of getting elected for the first time or re-elected once again.
How can politicians get their message in front of more people without spending thousands of dollars on marketing costs? The answer is simple: USB Flash Drives.

Why USB Flash Drives?

USB flash drives are a hot marketing item right now because, almost everyone uses a computer these days and USB drives are an easy way to save files, pictures or programs without saving them to a computer and “bogging down” that machine.

The average computer user in this day and age finds their USB flash drive so useful that they take it with them wherever they go and this is a huge opportunity for politicians who want to get their message out. A politician’s campaign can have specialty USB flash drives with the candidates name and campaign slogan printed up and then before handing them out, that candidate’s message can be saved to the flash drive in a PDF format.

Are USB Drives Expensive?

No, USB drives are very affordable. There are many affordable online printers in this day and age that can affordably print a few thousand USB flash drives for under $500. The great thing about this type of ad specialty item is that they will be in use again and again so a political candidate can continue to get their marketing message out long after they are re-elected.

USB Drives Vs. Other Online Advertising

Another reason why USB promotional drives are an effective form of advertising is that they are seen by more eye’s than other forms of advertising like online, print or television advertising. Since a USB drive spends it’s time plugged into a computer, the average computer user will see it more often and that marketing message will be “imprinted” on that person’s brain.

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Get In Front Of the Customer with USB Drives

With the state of the economy right now it’s tough for any business to make sales because, more people have their guard up and are not spending money than four or five years ago.
With this situation like it is how can the average business owner get their sales material in front of a potential customer without getting cut off at the front door by the “gate keeper”? The solution to the problem is USB Flash Drives.

How USB Drives Work For Promotion

To use a USB drive for promotion, all a business owner has to do is save their sales information directly to the drive that way when the drive is given away for a gift, the recipient will have no choice but to see that company information or sales material on the drive when they open it.

If the sales process is made as easy and pain free for a consumer as possible, it will be easier to make more sales because, the sale is being made on the consumer’s time and they won’t feel pressured to attend a product demonstration or webinar.

Why USB Drives Vs. Other Forms of Advertising?

With an USB drive, all you have to do is plug it into the USB port on your computer and you can have double or trip the storage capacity that your computer has right now. The great thing about this form of storage is that you don’t have to worry about saving pictures, files, music, movies or games to your computer and slowing down your machine because everything can be stored on the USB drive.

Another benefit of a USB drive is that if a computer experiences a fatal problem and the hard drive has to be re-written or the computer has to be replaced, the computer owner can have confidence that all of their personal files and information are safe and secure.

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