Introducing the Reversible USB


collector-usb-flash-drive-conceptSeveral days ago, BBC News announced a little something called the reversible USB.  No more will you be able to make the mistake of inserting your USB cable the wrong way.  This is just another one of those irritation saving ideas that probably occurred to someone that had done it one too many times and finally simply had it! Ugh!

 The Wait for the New USB

The Verge, a news site that deals with technology, published the first images of this new reversible USB cord.  July will hopefully mark the finalization of the actual product and it could take some time for the products belonging to various manufacturers to have the ports incorporated… albeit gradually. Thus the true rollout for this product will most likely be significantly delayed.  Cameras and mobile phone charging ports currently resemble the standard Type C USB, at least in size, just to give you a rough idea.

Times They Are a Changin’

This new reversible USB is quite a step up from the old USB cable originated back in the 1990s.  As with most things tech driven, things continue to become new improved every five minutes – or so it seems.  In order for a data connection to be complete, those old USB cords could only be plugged in one specific way.  Those cords will now eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

There is of course no telling how long it will take for manufacturers of all mobile products to get on board the reversible ports ship – but eventually, this will become the norm.  Right up until the next new innovation. 


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