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Will You ‘USB’ My Valentine?


love_present_gift_263461_lTrying to come up with something to give to the person who means everything to you for yet another Valentine’s Day can be a foreboding prospect.  Particularly, if you’ve been with your significant other for a long period of time, you run out of ideas eventually.  Well, next Valentine’s Day you’ll know exactly what to give your favorite person.  You can thank me later.

Fun and Useful – All at the Same Time

What could possibly be better?  Does your significant other have a unique personal interest?  Maybe they like race cars, golf, basketball, photography… surely there’s something.  USB drives are extremely customizable on the outside.  Almost any shape, item and color can be created to house the actual USB drive.  Commonly, housings made from metal, plastic or even natural wood can be created as well.  These items look great sitting on a desktop, can be clipped inside a shirt pocket, used as a keychain, and still remain fully utilitarian.

Are You a “It’s What’s inside That Counts” Type Person?

If so, you can make what’s inside the USB drive just as important as how it looks on the outside. Touching family moments, videos of a vacation, favorite concert clips, scenes from movies, historic sports moments… The list goes on.  Maybe you have a special message that you’d like to give them. You can make a video of sorts on your laptop and transfer it onto the Valentine’s Day USB.  All of these and more can be transferred onto a USB drive so that your Valentine can play them on their laptop or smart tablet, anytime they want.

So now you can literally travel with your favorite individual, inside their shirt pocket, wherever they go. You no longer have to be apart if you don’t want to be, when you can live moments spent together by simply plugging in a customized USB drive.


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Can’t Imagine What to Buy Your Teenager?


blue-present-suprise-47921-lHave I got great news for you!  You know all those mobile devices your kid insists upon spending every living moment on?  Well, at the very least, when it comes to their laptop and their smart tablet you can give them something that will appeal to almost any teenager no matter what their likes or dislikes.

A Little Something for Everybody

Giving the gift of a USB drive is appropriate under nearly every circumstance.  Giving a few of them to your teenager for their own use and storage is, in and of itself, a great idea.  But if you really want to make something special, you can customize what’s inside that USB drive.  Funny videos that you know your teen will enjoy, touching moments that have been shared by your family, concert clips of their favorite band (if indeed you are familiar with their music), or even a program that you know will help your creative and imaginative youth become even more so.  The possibilities of what you can put on a USB drive, depending of course on how much memory it has, are very nearly limitless. 

Make It Visually Appealing

Does your teenager like race cars?  What about golf?  Maybe they’re more into neon colors and translucent devices.  Whatever they’re into, chances are that there is a USB drive that is customizable to their likes, hobbies, etc.  Buy a few with a little bit of memory or buy one major USB drive with as much memory as possible.  This will be something that, every time your teen pulls it out of their pocket and plugs it into their laptop, they will think of you.

And anytime you can get a teenager to take two seconds out of their day and actually think about you… Clearly you must’ve made quite an impression.


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How to Make Sure You’re Remembered


love_valentine_valentines_263453_lEveryone wants to leave their mark on the world in some way, shape or form.  People on the verge of death frequently sit back and wonder to themselves – what have I really done with my life?  How will I be remembered?  When people think of me – what will they say?  We all want to be remembered – to somehow hold on to a little piece of infinity and invincibility.

Giving Someone Close to You the Gift of Memory

Giving someone close to you a nicely framed picture of yourself is sweet.  Chances are, they will display it proudly for some time.  But that’s just a picture.  What if you could put videos of yourself or the two of you spending time together on a device, customize that device to fit in with their likes or hobbies, and give it to them as a gift?  No, this does not referred to giving someone a laptop or even a smart pad.  It comes in something far smaller than a breadbasket – for those of you who remember what that even means.

Giving Potential Clients An Incentive By Which to Remember Your Company

What do you give a client that will make such an impression as to keep you not only in their mind but in their everyday life?  It’s going to have to be useful, fun, imaginative, possibly colorful, smart and so much more.  No, the answer is not a little plastic keychain with a flashlight on the end.  That’s going to be found in the junk eventually.  Give them something that can be used in many aspects of life and even used over again if need be.

The answer to these riddles of sorts is customized USB drives.  These are the gift of the future.  And thanks to modern technology’s constant updating, buying the newest and most improved device should provide for extended use for the person to whom you give this device.


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What to Give the Person Who Has Everything


gift_love_grass_264796_lOrdinarily, this might be about a customized gift basket.  And make no mistake, the gift basket that is customized to a person’s likes or hobbies is a great idea.  But you can’t give a gift basket away to every potential client, every friend, every relative, at every Christmas party, birthday party… You get the idea.  And when you’re toying with an idea for that friend of yours who has seemingly everything… Good luck.  This is where we introduce the good news, because who wants to read an article with no good news inside.  Oh wait, that would be the daily newspaper.  Nevermind.

Customizable USB Drives to the Rescue

To find a household without a laptop or smart pad these days would be difficult at best – at least among civilized communities.  That person who has everything undoubtedly has every mobile device known to mankind, in abundance.  For that very reason, you should consider purchasing one or more customized USB drives for your favorite friend, client, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  In and amongst those people there is bound to be the one that has everything. Even the Most Interesting Man in the World could use a USB drive.

What’s the Big Deal about a USB Drive?

As said earlier, they are extremely customizable.  You can order a USB drive to look like almost anything and in every color.  If your friend likes tennis, get a tennis racket USB. Or if your friend loves race cars – a race car USB is available.  You would be hard-pressed to think of something that couldn’t be customized, albeit on a miniature basis.

USB drives can be purchased with various levels of memory, which also will affect the price.  Try to get the newest and most updated version of any USB drive – simply because modern technology improves upon these types of things every 5 minutes.  And you don’t want to get the guy who has everything something outdated – even by five minutes.


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Maybe the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease…


Jock-usb-drive-white… But it’s also loud, obnoxious and annoying in the interim.  When it comes to advertising, there are any number of ways to approach the subject of getting the attention of the public.  You want to grab a hold of them and make it somehow impossible for them to let go.  Far easier said than done.

Loud and Obnoxious Versus Subtle and Smart

Many years ago, when I was a kid, there was a commercial that utilized a young boy yelling about “extra, extra – read all about it…”.  I think it may have had something to do with a car dealership, I’m not sure.  The fact that I remember the commercial is in and of itself a step in the right direction for the company it advertised for, but the utter sense of annoyance that was felt upon listening to this kid scream about “extra extra blahblahblah…” was too much to bear.  I found myself leaving the room every time the commercial came on.  This was of course in the days before fast-forward.  It’s not the annoying and obnoxious commercials that make the Super Bowl every year, it’s the smart/funny/ emotionally touching commercials that make the grade and are remembered.  Just to drive the point home, here is one of the most obnoxious commercials ever (click here).

How Does This Relate to Your Company’s Advertising?

If you want to be remembered, you need to do something different, pertinent, fun, useful, etc. Giveaways are a great way to attract attention.  But silly giveaways end up in a junk drawer.  Smart giveaways end up in people’s pockets, on desktops, in school bags, you name it.  This is one reason that companies are printing their logos on the sides of USB drives and handing them out to potential clients.  Almost everyone in this day and age has a laptop or smart pad that can utilize a USB drive.

Your advertising ploy sitting in a junk drawer does you no good whatsoever.  Your advertising ploy being circulated throughout the business world, schools and everyday life – priceless.


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That’s So Cool! Thanks, It’s My New USB Drive


Mini-Cooper-USB-Flash-Drive-COOL-please-insert-a-disk-into-drive-super stick recovery tool v1.0.2.19-repair-infinity-flash-diskYes, it’s true.  The USB drive you carry in your pocket can tell people a lot about you, your business, your life, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes… you get the idea.  That’s because they are completely and totally customizable.

Name a Shape, An Object, Or a Color

Chances are, the USB drive for your computer can be made to fit those qualifications.  USB drives come in so many shapes and sizes that it would take forever to name them all here but just a few of the options are as follows: a key, a credit card, cartoon character, a car, one of those plastic bracelets which have become so popular, a poker chip, a golf bag complete with clubs, a basketball, a camera with faux telephoto lens attachment, lipstick, high-caliber bullet… As you can see the options are nearly limitless.  In addition to shapes, every color imaginable is available as are translucent encasements.  Materials most commonly consist of natural wood, plastic or metal.

USB Memory – Forget about It

Depending upon your budget, the kind of data you want to store or transfer, customized or non-customized and the amount of memory that you need, the options of how much you’re going to spend on however many USB drives you decide upon is variable.  One thing that is not known to some people is that the information on a USB drive can be erased.  You can either erase the entire drive or choose and erase single pieces of information or programs.

What that last bit of information means is that you can reuse an old USB drive as long as you have access to what’s already on it.  Remember too that security through a USB drive is new and improved. Something that has become very essential in a world of fraud and stolen identities.


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How USB Drives Changed Our Lives


mystica_usb_flash_driveThere can be no doubt that modern technology, in its never-ending strive toward perfection, has changed lives throughout time.  These days, everything from social networking to advertising has made the move to traveling through the airways and space, from one end of the earth to the other, and appearing magically before us on a laptop, smart pad or smartphone screen.  Many of those laptops in fact use a little something called a USB drive.

Move over CD, Make Room for the USB

And coincidentally, the USB takes up far less space and needs almost no care or protection – unlike its predecessor, the CD.  In order to transfer something from one computer to another, one used to have to take all the time necessary to transfer all the information onto a CD, then take good care of that CD until it got to its new home.  Then of course the CD would need to be inserted and the information transferred – hopefully, successfully.  The USB drive made it possible to complete all of that in a fraction of the time and transport was as simple as a shirt pocket or a keychain.  Floppy disks also fell prey to the amazing USB.

How Do I Love Thee USB – Let Me Count the Ways

The USB drive, aside from burying floppy disks and CDs when it comes to transportability, storage and time consumption, have many attractive traits:

 outer casings, in addition to being highly customizable, are being built to withstand almost anything you can throw at them

 different amounts of memory are available for those who don’t need a ton of memory on one stick

 the protection of personal info and general security, through the use of a USB drive, is better than it’s ever been

 the USB drive that you purchase can be in direct correlation with your budget – prices vary, all depending on what you need to transfer and how much of it there is, what you want your USB drive to be made from, how customized you do or do not need it, etc.

And once again, technology being what it is, more and more work is being done on USB drives every day to make them even better than the day before, keep them pertinent in the computer world and make them something that you simply can’t live without.


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Look, on the Desk – It’s a Key, It’s a Credit Card, It’s a Cartoon Character…


iron_man_themed_usb_flash_drive_3… No, it’s a USB drive.  And you probably got it at the last expo or conference you attended – if that is, the vendors were thinking on their feet.  Why do I say that?  Simply because USB drives are one of the most popular giveaway items at Expos in conferences.  Popular not only with the vendors themselves but with the people who run around picking up all that free stuff.

It Doesn’t Look like a USB Drive

Well, that’s the point now isn’t it?  These days, you can get custom made USB drives to look like almost anything.  As suggested above, they can look like a key, a credit card, your favorite cartoon character, or a car, one of those plastic bracelets everybody wears for something or another, a poker chip, a golf bag complete with clubs, a basketball, a camera with lens attachment, lipstick, high-caliber bullet (you might not want to carry that one through airport security), and so much more. 

Color My World – and My USB Drive

In addition to the seemingly endless shapes and configurations, USB drives come in every color of the rainbow and then some.  They can be neon bright, shiny metallic, natural wood and even see-through (translucent).  And of course they can be multicolored.  They can be made of plastic, metal, natural wood, and for all I know, 3-D printing companies are banging them out by the thousands. 

And when worse comes to worse, if you just can’t find the singular USB drive that trips your trigger, lights your furnace, floats your boat, etc. – you can always customize your own.  There are countless YouTube videos relating to this and showing you exactly how to go about doing it.  To see one such video, click here.  It’s actually quite fascinating and fun.



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USB 3.0 the New Standard

9276_usb_plugg_close_up_2The newest USB standard is the second major revision to USB technology.  USB 3.0 is an upgrade from USB 2.0 and unlike the first major revision, USB 3.0 ports look completely different than its predecessor. The wire is much thicker, due to the 5 new lines of internal wiring; and a close inspection of the ends reveals a different pin set on the 3.0 cables.  A big problem with the first revision was the fact that the cords were nearly identical.  The size difference makes it easily identifiable.  Every incarnation of USB cables has increased the speed of data transfer rates, but this leap is the largest by far.

Speed and Transfer Rates

Imagine being able to transfer a 27 Gigabyte movie, in less than two minutes!  This is possible with USB 3.0 technology.  The real power of USB 3.0 is its speed.  USB 3.0, clocks in at (5Gbps) this makes it ten times faster than USB 2.0, which had a speed of (480Mbps).  That 27 Gigabyte movie would take approximately 15 minutes to transfer, on a USB 2.0 slot.  Solid state devices ,such as USB thumb drives will benefit the most, from the increased speed.  This is because the older, more traditional hard drives, with magnetic hard disks can only transfer data, as fast as those disks can spin.

No Real Competition

With the increase in speed, 3.0 is a viable choice to contend with eSATA, which has a speed of (3.2Gbps). The knock against 2.0 was always its lack of speed, for high speed external hard drives.  eSATA solved that issue, but has never become a standard, due to the two foot limitation on the length of the connected cable.  Besides, there are just too many peripherals that use USB ports on the market, such as digital cameras and printers, for eSATA to ever be considered a viable alternative.

Getting up to Speed

If you want to reap the benefits of new “SuperSpeed USB 3.0” technology, you must have a PC or Mac with a USB 3.0 input.  Most of the newer model PC’s come equipped, with at least one compatible port. An alternative is to install a USB 3.0 card, in your desktop computer.  Some laptops are also adaptable, via the card slot input.  Once you are up to speed, you will notice a big difference, in how fast many of your devices, such as hard drives, printers and scanners, operate.

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Backing Up Files Is No Longer A Pain With USB Drives

Back in the 1990’s backing up files from a computer was a pain, you either had to back up to a big ole floppy disk or external hard drive that was a pain to take with you, these days there’s more ways to back up than ever before and one of the easiest ways to back up files is to use USB drives.


Why USB Drives?


With a USB drive you can all of the storage you will ever need in your hand, you will be able to backup your picture, Word documents, presentations, internet passwords and so much more. What’s cool about USB drives is that they are very inexpensive and cost as low as $5 to $150 depending on the style and storage capacity of the USB drive that you purchase.


USB Drives Vs. Cloud Storage


Any tech guy will tell you that they love cloud storage because, there’s nothing better than being able to access your files from the internet but what happens when you need to access your files and you can’t get online? What then? The solution to the problem is a USB drive because, with a USB drive you don’t need to have an Internet connection, you will have all of the files that you need with you, all the time.


If you love cloud storage that’s fine, it’s always a smart decision to have a USB drive as a standby just in case you’re in a position where you’re not able to access your files due to no Internet connection, poor connectivity or disaster.


USB Promotional Drives


For those business owners who are searching for the best ways to promote their businesses USB flash drives are the best way to go, they are very inexpensive to have produced and best of all, they are something that they average person will regularly use because, almost everyone has a computer these days and they want to back up their files.

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