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The Car Lover’s Ultimate Gift

car-lovers-usbThere is nothing like the winter season for gift giving. It also means time to start figuring out the perfect gift for friends and family members. For some people this time of year is very hard, because shopping for a gift can be frustrating for those friends and family members that have everything. Then when you ask them what they would like for Christmas, there response is the same each year “Don’t worry about me, I have everything I could ever want”. Well this year it is time to get creative.

The Car Lover’s In Each Family

The cool thing that most shoppers forget about is the family members that love cars. A terrific gift idea that is also super handy to have is getting a specialized USB drive. USBDirect.ca is a wonderful site that has terrific prices, but it also has plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to USB drives that look like mini cars. A gift like that is perfect for the person that has everything.

Getting A Great Deal

One place you should never neglect when shopping on USBDirect.ca is the “specials” tab. You might be able to find the perfect deal for your holiday budget. Another thing you should always take into consideration is finding USB drives for your personal and business work. Saving your work is always a good thing, because for some folks that are not very good at fixing computer problems, you always run the risk of losing all of your data information.

Thinking outside of the box can end up being a very good thing, and you will end up a great gift for the holidays. The recipient of the gift is going to love the gift and appreciate the time that was taken looking for the perfect gift.

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USB: Standard Options on New Cars and Trucks

Where words fail, the expression goes, music speaks. This has never been more true than it is in the Info Age, when mobile devices and smart phones can handle anyone’s music library, at home or on the road. The automobile makers, at home and abroad, were among the first to understand the changes that were taking place in the world of the music listener and they responded accordingly. Soon enough, all new vehicles will come off the line USB equipped.

Rocking and Rolling

Music and cars went hand in hand from the very beginning. Jazz, raccoon coats and the Stutz Bearcat all blended together seamlessly. By the late 1930s, Robert Johnson was singing about his Terraplane. A generation later, Chuck Berry was cruisin’ along in his automobile. From there, it seemed like a natural progression to the Little Old Lady From Pasadena, carrying over to Sammy Hagar’s inability to drive 55 miles per hour.

Darwinian Advancements

Through all of this, the delivery of sound itself went through its own evolution. AM radio was the first medium, soon to be followed by FM, and then came the 8-track player. That was soon replaced by the cassette tape player, which gave in to compact discs before too much longer. All had their issues, and even CD now appears to be going by the wayside with the advent of mp3 players and digitized content.

USB ports are already entering the market as standard options on newer cars, trucks and SUVs, offering connectivity to all manner of media devices, including GPS devices. Furthermore, the power from the vehicle is also used to charge up iPods and other players that can be charged via USB. The car stereo will even display the media information (such as song titles and artists). For those cars not already equipped with USB ports, there are a number of aftermarket products which can run through the car’s lighter, and several websites offer DIY tutorials on how to wire a USB port directly into your vehicle electronics.

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