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What To Do With Old USB Drives

When it comes to anything that has to do with computers, chances are you probably have old stuff lying around that you have deemed unnecessary. Many of these items have most likely worn out their usefulness. They simply are no longer are needed given the new technology available. This is definitely true for many people who have old or unused USB storage devices lying around. Whether these drives or big external hard drives or the more portable pocket flash drives, there might be a way to actually use them instead of simply letting them take up space.


One great idea for these older devices is to give them a new life by using a USB-to-NAS device. NAS (Network attached storage) devices are actually quite popular in the computer world. Many of the latest versions of these devices have up to 4 USB ports. This means that you could attach your old USBs to this device. It allows you to instantly share your data on all of those USB drives.

Software For NAS

Another great thing about the NAS is the software that comes with it. You can rest assured that you will be able to operate the network anywhere. Therefore, it makes sense. Imagine the capabilities ability to transfer date over a network to a USB? Many people are taking advantage of it and you can too.

Web-Based Networking

Lastly, much of this networking is done through the web. Therefore, it is often seamless and easy to share files and transfer data. This new technology is changing the way many people interact. And it is also making use of a lot of people’s unused USBs! If you have unused USBs lying around, it is time to gather them up and start networking with a NAS device.

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