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Keep Track Of Clients With A USB Drive

everystockphoto_122002_mWhen you have those special clients who depend on your business for their goods or services, it really is important to your business that you keep your client information organized and readily available, even in the case of a system failure. Luckily, with the technological advancements that occur every day, this is becoming easier and less expensive than it has been in past years and there are plenty of options available to you.

Don’t Be Limited

While many business owners have made the move to cloud storage, businesses that use USB drives for their client information do have some advantages over those who don’t. To start with, those who use a USB drive to keep track of their client information are able to access those files anytime, anywhere. When using other back up options, such as a cloud, accessibility is limited to those areas who provide online access. With a USB drive, however, the user has access whether there is online access or not. Using a flash drive, it is easy to organize certain documents into specific folders, which means that you will always seem as if you are on top of things, when you visit your client or even when a client drops in by surprise.

Cost? What Cost!

USB drives are inexpensive and keeping digital backup files of important documents really is important. Once you have gained some experience with the drives, you will quickly understand just how beneficial they can be in your everyday business life and you are likely to use one for your storage needs any time you have one available. These pocket sized storage devices really are a valuable business tool for those who can unlock their potential and keeping track of your clients and their information has never been easier, safer, or less expensive than with a USB drive.

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Learning How To Add Folders To A USB Drive

everystockphoto_216540_mAs you begin using your new USB drive, you will likely have questions about how to manage the files that you are storing on the device. It really is beneficial that you are able to find and access that information at a moment’s notice. After all, the drives are here to make your life easier and if you are lost in a sea of files when you open up your drive, the convenience that the drives advertise isn’t readily apparent.

Folders Made Simple

So, how do you keep your digital files organized on a USB drive? The best way to do so is creating folders and saving specific files in their respective folders. Think of it like physical paperwork – if you have too many documents lying around instead of organizing them, it makes things tough to find and, eventually, things may even get lost.

4 Easy Steps

Creating folders on your drive is simple and can be broken into four easy steps:

1. Open Your Drive – You can do this by plugging your drive into a USB port on your computer, going to your start menu, going to “My Computer”, then double clicking the appropriate drive;
2. Create Your Folder – Once you are in your drive, you can use the right click button on your mouse to open a dialogue box. Choose “New” then “Folder”.
3. Name your folder – Simply click on the folder name (usually the default name is “New Folder”), then write over the title with whatever name you would like (for example, family pictures or 2013 vacation, etc.)
4. Fill Your Folder – Drag the files you want in the folder by clicking on them and literally dragging them to the appropriate folder.

Once you get the hang of it, it will only take you moments to organize the files that you care about.

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Can You Store Music On A USB Drive?

ipod_apple_macintosh_261539_lIf you are new to USB drives, you may have some questions about what type of digital files can be stored on these little gadgets. The fact of the matter is that any digital file that you may have can be saved onto a USB drive, as long as there is enough memory available on the device. For instance, some people have USB drives that have enough memory to back up their entire music catalogue while others may only be able to hold a few albums. Of course, there are a few more factors to consider before determining just how much music can fit onto your USB drive.

Finally, Organized Files

What type of music files do you have? Audio files can be saved in various formats and the file extension will alert you as to which type of files you are trying to save. For instance, if you are saving an audio file called “Happy Birthday” that is in MP3 format, the file would read “Happy Birthday.MP3”. The type of file that is being used will have a direct impact on how many files you can save on a drive, as different file types have different file sizes, even if it is the same song.

Small And Discreet

USB drives are a great way to store you music and as technology progresses, these drives can be used in more and more locations. For example, many new vehicles come equipped with USB inputs, so you can carry you entire music collection with you no matter where you go. Features such as this are a great reason to convert your collection.

USB drives will continue to become essential when it comes to backing up any sort of digital file. If you love your music collection and want it to last, make the switch to a USB drive.

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USB Drives 101

drive-pendrive-computer-40174-lThere are plenty of people who have questions, when it comes to technology. After all, many people in today’s society have lived much of their lives without the comforts that technology provides. For these people, technology isn’t threatening; rather, it is simply a creature that they have not yet had the pleasure of integrating into their lives. A beneficial piece of technology that will ease these people into the Digital Age is a USB drive.

Music, Movies And More Storage

USB drives are small devices that contain memory for storing digital files. Whether it’s music, movies, documents, or any digital file, USB drives allow users to back up and share their digital files with ease. Because of the user friendly features of a USB drive, many people who are new to technology have used these drives as a bridge between the past and the present, and are discovering that technology isn’t nearly as intimidating as some people consider it to be.

Simple Portable Storage

When you use USB drive, or “flash drive”, as they are most commonly known, you are using technology that is meant to make your life easier. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can backup and/or share all of your work, music, photos, or other digital files in just a few seconds. For instance, if you are working on a project and want to make sure that your work will always be accessible, a flash drive can help; if you have pictures that you want to make sure that your favorite family member has, a flash drive can help; even if you simply want to take a file from one computer to another, a flash drive can help.

USB drives are meant to make your life easier. You should take advantage of this and start using them for all of your digital needs!

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A USB Drive Is A Great Gift For The Family

gift_present_wrapping_268725_lSometimes, finding the perfect housewarming gift for the family who has everything can be tough, especially if you aren’t necessarily in the strongest of financial positions. You will likely try to come up with the most impressive gift that you can buy for the amount of money that you have available to spend but, chances are, this will likely lead to a gift that may not be suited to the family for whom you are buying the gift. As with many things, when it comes to gift giving, the gift should be something that reflects your thoughtfulness and your caring for the recipient, not something that you simply bought because it was the most expensive gift you could find. If you are looking for a gift that will make the family smile for years to come, consider a USB drive.

The Everyone Gift

USB drives give people the opportunity and the means to save any digital file that they would wish on the drive. The drives come in plenty of styles, sizes, colors, even memory capacity. They are generally very affordable and can even be customized! So, for instance, if you wanted the family name and intention engraved on the drive (“Johnson Family Photos”, for instance), this can be done easily and inexpensively.

Storage Made Simple And Safe

By using a USB drive, the family can store many of its favorite memories forever. Perhaps they want to make sure that their wedding photos are always accessible or maybe they want to preserve every photo of their child; a USB drive gives the family this opportunity to do so.
In essence, giving a family a large capacity USB drive as a gift is a way of providing an opportunity to relive the memories that matter to them time and time again and can you think of a better gift?

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Store Your Child’s Sports Videos On A USB Drive

earth-connection-world-1725-lThere is no fan bigger than a proud parent as they watch their child rack up the points in whatever sporting event that they happen to be involved in. Whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, even competitive cheer, parents want to keep those moments alive as long as possible. By using a USB drive to store your child’s sports videos, you have the chance to save those memories forever and view them anytime you want.

Time To Go Sports Digital

We live in a time where everything is going digital. As a matter of fact, when it comes to taking photographs, every year it gets tougher and tougher to find a location that can develop physical photos, e.g. 35mm film, and many have given way to kiosks in which you can simply plug in your USB drive and print the pictures contained on the drive in any quantity or size that you desire. You can even edit your photos from the majority of these kiosks! Because of this natural progression and the fact that almost every digital camera, including those on your smart phone, has video capabilities, more and more people are ditching photos and have decided to take videos of the moments that they want to preserve.

Share The Memories Easily

Storing your child’s sporting event videos on a USB drive means that you can share them with anyone you want to, at any point in time, whether it is by email or otherwise, while also providing you the opportunity to preserve those memories just as they happened. USB drives have the potential to last for years, if cared for properly, which is more than can be said for the human memory. If you want to make sure your child’s big game will always be remembered, a USB drive is the digital storage answer that you are looking for.

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Get Ahead Of The Game With A USB Drive

bluetooth_computer_movil_263377_lIn today’s office, almost everything is done digitally. Whether it is preparing your expense reports or putting together a new proposal for a client, even ordering office supplies, the vast majority of businesses have transitioned from paper to electronic files. After all, electronic files give the users the benefit of sharing their work with a click of a button and also free up the storage space that paper files can completely overrun. With so many offices making the switch over to electronic files, it is essential that those files be backed up and a USB drive is the best way to make sure that you never lose your files again.

When You Need A Lifesaver

A USB drive, in broad strokes, is simply a device that contains memory to store electronic files. These portable devices can be lifesavers when it comes to making sure that your files are ready for the big presentation or when you need to present a client with a new service quote, or any number of instances. The ability to provide a full presentation using a device that is small enough to fit in your pocket is enough of an advantage for many businesses to choose USB drives as a primary means of sharing electronic information.

When You Need A Safety Net

Another way that USB drives can put you ahead of the game is by using them as safety nets for when an important file is corrupted or lost on your computer or server. If you have your employees back up their work on a USB as they are completing it, an unintentional file corruption or loss on your server can be easily remedied by bringing up the last version of the file saved on the USB.

USB drives make work easier and safer and those who use them will always stay ahead of the game.

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The Smartest Uses For A USB Drive

storage-electronic-technology-35386-lOne of the best aspects of a USB drive is just how versatile it can be as an everyday device.  As opposed to certain other forms of technology, drives can be used by just about anyone, anywhere, for multiple different reasons.  No matter what you’re profession, or what your interests are, a drive could be just what you need.  Let’s talk about some of the smarter uses out there for USB drives.


USB Drives Are Versatile


Artists often use USB drives as small, portable portfolio for their work.  Whenever an artist heads for a review or interview, all they have to do is pop the drive into a local computer, and anyone around can easily see all of their work.  Music collectors often use drives to store their ripped music files, allowing them to do away with mountains of old cd’s.  Between music services, their computer libraries, and now the stored files, a music fan has all of their tunes at the tips of their fingers.  Businesses often issue personal drives to their employees, allowing for easily exchanging work files while at the same time keeping track of who is giving what to who else.  For the home, drives can be used to store old business files, contracts, tax documents, and other important forms that are just cluttering up your personal office.


USB Drives Are Also Easy To Use And Affordable


It’s plain to see why USB drives have become the dominant form of media storage out there- they offer a simplicity and ease of use that no other hardware available for consumers presently does.  They’re versatile, affordable, and are new user friendly more so than just about any other form of tech out there.  Whatever your digital needs, pick a drive up for yourself today, and simplify your work load.

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Should A Small Business Use USB Drives As A Backup Drive?

network-computer-cable-81406-lWhen running a small business, everything is in your hands.  Daily tasks, handling payroll, filing taxes, marketing, advertising, refilling stock- it’s all up to you.  Running your own company can provide a huge sense of accomplishment, but with it comes a huge level of dedication and responsibility.  Along the way, you’ll need help keeping all of your various tasks in order.  Keeping track of a hundred different things day in and day out is a lot for one person to handle on their own, after all.  Out of all the options available to you, there’s one that’s a sure fire way to make sure all your information is safe and backed up for whenever you need it.


You Owe It To Yourself To Back Up Your Files


USB drives are an affordable way to back up all of your important information.  They eliminate clutter, and ensure that you’ll have easy access to them at the drop of a hat.  There’s nothing worse than needing to reference an old order sheet, or tax form, and realizing that it’s lost in a sea of old paperwork stacked on the corner of your office desk.  With a well ordered drive, situations like that will never be an issue again.  Once you’ve got your important files, bills, and paperwork filed away on one or several USB drives, every single one of them will be at your fingertips.


USB Drives Are Efficient And Cost Effective


What’s important when it comes to running a small business is never letting yourself get overwhelmed.  The act of staying on top of all those responsibilities can really take it out of a person, and eventually lead to burn out.  It’s in that state that people start making mistakes, and when you’re running your own company, mistakes can really cost you big.  Save you and your business the trouble- invest in a USB drive today.

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New Trends In USB Drives

storage-drive-memory-1132927-lIn the world of consumer electronics, things are always changing and evolving at a staggering rate.  The best part about USB drives is they’re an amazingly versatile form of technology. For those needing to have a drive on them all time, but not wanting to hang it from a key ring or stuff it in their pockets or purses, there are several designers that manufacture drives that double as fashion accessories. From bracelets, to necklaces, to belt buckles even, there are easy ways to carry around your important info and files without the hassle of making sure you haven’t lost your drive every few minutes.


Drives Are Always Evolving


For those out there who don’t mind the classic form of USB drives (and who doesn’t), the look and design of them has almost become an art form in and of itself.  Straps with built in drives attach easily to book bags and purses.  Steel drives look as eye-catching as cigarette lighters.  Some drives are built to mimic make-up cases and applicators, and some have small flashlights attached.  No matter your tastes and personal preferences, the perfect stylish USB drive is out there waiting for you, complete with just the right form and function you need from it.


There’s A Drive For Every Interest


Last but not least you can’t talk about drives without mentioning collectibles.  Drives have become synonymous with the collectible market.  Movies often release custom drives for promotional purposes.  There’s action figure drives, led light up drives, and often times there are exclusive limited run drives handed out at conventions that go for big money on the secondary market.  As big an industry as USB drives have become, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  Find one or two that speak to you, and back up your files in style.

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