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What The Heck Is That?

Funny—that looks like a bottle of ketchup. Is that a hotdog with mustard sticking out of your laptop? Is that a USB in your pocket or are you just happy to…never mind.

The Latest and Greatest in Give-A-Way Promo Items

Forget about the pens and pencils; don’t bother with the post-it note pads and magnets; and as fun as temporary tattoos are is your kid really going to want to be a walking ad for some pharmaceutical company? Do YOU want your kid to be a walking ad for drugs? Gone are the days of free key chains…unless they come in the form of a USB flash drive. Yes companies that have jumped into the millennium have come to realize that nothing is as useful as a USB flash drive. What’s good about this for companies is that they can, at about $3.50 a piece (when purchased in bulk), afford them as free give-a-ways and have their logos and catch phrases printed on them in a number of different ways. But because creativity speaks volumes, your business can have their USB’s created in almost any shape imaginable.

What’s That Supposed To Be?

What kinds of shapes have I seen in the way of USB’s? I’m glad you asked. Try these on for size: Hotdogs, burgers and subs with condiments included; ketchup bottles; cars; motorcycles; a bottle of motor oil; team mascots; a rice omelet; sushi (several choices); bacon and eggs; breaded/deep fried shrimp; a flip-flop, the Eifel Tower, poker (casino) chip, shark, snowman, turtle, Statue of Liberty, a fire extinguisher and a handful of Loony Toons characters. If you find yourself needing 4 USB’s why not get yourself the ‘toaster hub’? It’s shaped like a toaster and holds 4 bread slice shaped USB’s. Way fun.

Can one person have too many USB’s? These aren’t your old school promotional give-a-ways that always seemed to find their way into your house’s junk drawer. These are fully utilitarian items that, if you do find yourself having too many, can be donated or gifted to others and actually be appreciated. Check out some other USB articles that will tell you about all of the uses for USB’s. You may be surprised.

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What Can You Do With Your USB Flash Drive?

There are more uses for a USB flash drive than you might think. It can open up a whole new experience for you, shut down your PC and protect it from other users; and even tell you what other people are doing on your computer when they think you’re not looking! (That last one’s my favorite.)

Just Because You’ve Got a Mac

If you’ve got a Mac first of all let me congratulate you. Nice choice. But as great of a choice as it may have been, some of us miss our old Windows or would like to try new systems without giving up their current system. Mac users can use a USB to download software that allows you to utilize your beloved Windows, experiment with Linux and even get a preview of Windows 8. There are online tutorials and the software can either be purchased or found online for free. And if you worry about something happening to your precious USB there’s good news on the horizon. USB armor (of sorts). You can be the proud owner of a virtually indestructible USB. Looks a bit like an aluminum transformer!

Now Let’s Have Some Real Fun

If you have some old USB lying around that’s got at least 128 MB on it you can have yourself a portable StarCraft game. It’s basically putting your StarCraft game CD on a stick and making that stick into a key ring. Never leave home without it. What about security? Everybody worries (or should) about internet security. What if someone steals my laptop? What if my USB falls into the wrong hands? Encrypting, passwords and spy tech locking and unlocking are all USB techniques that can help you feel safer. Now for the real kick in the head.

With a SnoopStick (a specially created USB stick) you can monitor the activity going on in your computer when you’re not even home. What are the kids doing online? What’s your significant other watching online? Who is everyone talking to? Now you can find out from anywhere there’s a computer. Kind of gives you a little rush, doesn’t it.

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Thumb Drive Tricks for Your USB

Are you getting all you possibly can from all of your gigabytes? Next time you grab the keys to your car and your house, before you waltz out that door, you can grab a plethora of storage space and take it right along with you.

Cyber Warriors and Web Site Developers Unite

Yes they did and what developed was a list of sorts, of tricks that you can ‘train’ your thumb drive to do with a USB flash drive. Ready? Do you like those little icons? Well you can create your own, a sort of customization, and assign them as you wish. All that data that you store and use can all be synced together. Who wouldn’t like to create a do-it-yourself repair kit/virus hunter for their PC? You can have that work space of yours on a ‘quick launch’. Take your Vista and lock it down or speed it up. How would you like to create your very own MP3 portable Player (without actually having to buy one!)? Would creating a code for your drive make you feel a little more secure? You can do it. And if you could run other operating systems on your PC without it affecting your current system how fun would that be? Well you can do that, too.

 You Don’t Have To Be a PC Geek

The ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’ that are always figuring out how to hack into some government system may have come up with these but you don’t have to be a computer whiz to execute the above stated tricks. Oh sure, there are plenty of things that you can do with a USB that take vast knowledge and experience. Don’t count on me for those however. The simpler the better as far as I’m concerned. Pretty much anyone can do the little tricks and tips from this article and if you want to have some real fun with a USB, check out the new shapes and figures that USB flash drives can be found in. There’s almost nothing that designers can’t fashion a USB after.

Is this considered hacking? Maybe. But I would never knowingly recommend hacking to anyone. I claim ignorance on this one.

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What You Need To Start Your Writing Career

One of the fastest growing careers today lies in the writing field.  The internet and e-commerce has increased the need for good writers.  Plus, many are starting their own blogs and making money off their own efforts.  If you want a career in writing, make sure you are prepared with these essential items.


Portable Computer


Every writer needs a computer.  Otherwise, where will you write?  Ha.  Even more essential with the computer is the portability factor.  After all, you can’t take your oversized desktop computer to the coffee shop.  Therefore, make sure to invest in a portable computer.  You will want to write wherever – or when the inspiration comes.  You can’t plan when the time is right.  However, you can ensure that you will have access to a computer to record your thoughts.


Data Storage


Furthermore, every writer needs a good data storage system.  Losing data can mean the end of a career for a writer.  For this reason, it is recommended to save your files in two places.  You can save them on your computer and on a USB flash drive.  The USB drives will hold a lot of data.  Plus, they are portable and durable.  Also, you can always write via google documents.  However, you may experience a few formatting errors.




Finally, make sure you have patience as a writer.  Writer’s block is a realistic thing.  You need to be patient during these times and take advantage of the times when the information is flowing.  Also, many of your assignments will come on a freelance basis.  You cannot always plan for work.  However, with patience, you should be able to generate a steady income from your efforts.


Good luck with your writing career.  There are plenty of opportunities to succeed as a writer today.  All you need is the right tools, some hard work, and a little bit of patience.

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Essential Items For Success In College

Every college students needs a few essential items if they plan on succeeding.  No these items do not involve the local party.  Instead, they relate to success in school.  Get them today and you will benefit.


Computer Accessories


First, make sure you have the computer accessories that you need.  Although you do not need to purchase every accessory that your computer comes with, you would benefit from a few critical ones.  Most importantly, make sure you have a USB drive to save your files.  This is also a great way to back up your schoolwork and prevent data loss.  In addition, make sure you have good speakers and headphones.  Many colleges require presentations.  Also, you might have to listen to a few online lectures as well.




One obvious item that every college student needs is books.  This seems like a no brainer.  However, many college students try to succeed without their books.  They forgo the books because the cost is too high.  IF you feel this way, consider looking into used textbook options.  You should never be without the book you need for your class.


An Alarm Clock


Finally, make sure you have an alarm clock.  College students tend to stay up late and sleep through their classes.  This behavior can affect their performance.  Class attendance is important.  Since you probably won’t call the night short, invest in a good alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning.  It’s better to attend class tired then not at all.  After all, you never know when the teacher might give a pop quiz.


Make sure you are properly prepared for college.  It is a major expense and investment in your future.  Don’t neglect something important because of cost or simply because you are tired.  It is not worth it in the long run.

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The Most Important Technologies Your Home Needs

New technologies come about everyday.  Most of the time they will make your life better.  How do you decide if you need these technologies?  Evaluate whether or not they are a priority.  If you need help, use this list of important technologies that every home needs.


Data Storage


One of the best technologies for your home involves data storage.  This will help you handle the clutter when it comes to your computer and digital files.  It’s easy to rack up a lot of space on a family computer.  For this reason, many use a USB flash drive to consolidate files and back up their data.  Each family member can have his or her own USB drive.  This will eliminate confusion and ensure that everyone has the files they need.




Next, make sure you have a digital recording device. Everyone can benefit from a DVR.  It will save you time.  You can schedule the shows you want to record ahead of time.  Then you can watch your favorite shows on your own time.  This technology is extremely beneficial for families that watch a variety of TV.  Your husband can watch the sports channel and your children can catch up on the latest kid friendly movies.




Finally, don’t forget to protect your home with a good home security system.  Technology makes it easier than ever to stay safe.  You can install your own security measures.  Or you can hire a company to take care of your security needs.  Either way, it will give you peace of mind to know that your home is protected from intruders.


You should never be without these important technologies.  Protect your data with a USB drive, record your shows using a DVR, and invest in a good home security program.  You will be glad you did.

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The Best Protection For Your Business

Are you a small business owner?  If so, it is important that you safeguard your business.  After all, it is most likely the most valuable asset you have.  Not sure what to prioritize?  Here are some suggestions to help you.


Back Up Your Data


One of the simplest things you can do to protect your business is to back up all of your data.  The easiest way to back up is with a cloud service.  However, this is not always cost effective.  Therefore, many small business owners utilize USB drives to back up their data.  This is an inexpensive and effective way to safeguard all of your valuable information.  Plus, today’s USB flash drives hold large quantities of data.  Chances are you won’t need very many drives to back up the data you have.


Insure Your Business


Next, make sure your business is properly insured.  Many business owners overlook this essential tool.  You don’t have to have an expensive insurance policy to protect your business.  However, you should hold some form of insurance that will protect you in the event something goes wrong.




Finally, make sure to prioritize confidentiality.  There are many things that you will need to keep confidential as a business owner.  Be careful what you disclose – even to your employees.  In addition, you might want to evaluate the filters on your company computer.  It is completely normal to restrict your employee’s access from specific files that you would prefer to keep confidential.  Some of these files have sensitive information.  Disclosing the information could put your business at risk.  Don’t make this mistake.


Every business needs protection to succeed.  Make an effort to protect your business.  While you can’t predict what might happen in the future, proper protection is the best way to prevent unwanted harm.  Good luck.

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What To Bring To A Technology Convention

Do you enjoy attending conventions?  If so, there is a convention for just about anything you love.  Whether it is comic books, running, or fashion, there is a convention out there for you.  In fact, even the technology world has a variety of conventions.  You can catch up on the latest advances in technology and get some cool stuff at the same time.  Just make sure you are prepared.




Many people like to bring their work to technology conventions.  Why?  The have a large audience of people who are interested in what they have been up to –technologically speaking.  If you are one of these people, make sure you have a USB drive.  This drive is the portfolio of the 21st century.  You can easily plug it in to a computer on site and show off your latest work.  You can also use it as an opportunity to present your resume.




Next, make sure to bring a friend with you to the convention.  As a technology lover, you will fall in love with everything you see.  Keep in mind that you probably will not need to invest in everything new.  This is where a friend comes in handy.  He or she can help you stay in check.  Together you can evaluate what is necessary and what is simply fun.  Remember, there is a difference.


The Best Phone


Finally, make sure you have an up to date phone at the next convention.  Techies love the latest and greatest.  If you show up with a flip phone from 2006, you are sure to get laughed at.  You do not want this to happen.  Instead, you want people to take you seriously.  Fortunately, all you need is a great phone that will do the trick.  Many people automatically choose the iPhone.  While this is a great option, there are other amazing phones out there as well.  In fact, you might even discover something new at the convention.


Have fun at the technology convention.  Embrace everything new and determine what you need to make your life better.   After all, that is what technology is for.

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Preventing Data Loss

We live in a world that relies heavily on data.  Most of this data is held virtually in some sort of cloud.  Usually, you can access it from your computer or phone with the help of the internet.  And while most data loss can be prevented, people still have their occasional data mishaps.  Fortunately, you can prevent data loss with these few tips.


Back Up To Your USB Drive


One of the smartest things you can do to prevent data loss is to back up your files.  This is not always easy.  However, you can easily back up your files every time you save them with a USB drive.  Keep this drive close to your computer at all times.  Every time you save a file, save it on your computer and on the drive.  This one extra step can prevent a lot of lost data.  Plus, it will make your data available on multiple computers.  This way, all you have to transport is the USB drive.  You can leave your computer or laptop at home.


Use A Cloud


Next, consider using a cloud to backup your files.  Many companies use a cloud to hold the data they need.  In fact, you probably use this cloud even if you do not realize it.  The same data storage technique can help you save the files you need in a virtual place.  This way you are protected from data loss.  Usually this service costs a small fee.  It is worth it if you have valuable information on your computer that you do not want to lose.


Charge Your Laptop


Finally, make sure to keep your laptop fully charged at all times.  Today’s laptops have a longer battery life.  Many people abuse this battery life and forget to charge their laptops.  Unfortunately, a low battery is the easiest way to lose data.  Your computer could shut off before you can save.  Don’t risk this happening.  Not only will you be without the data you need, but you will also be without the necessary power to get your work done.


Good luck preventing data loss.  Your efforts will make your life easier.

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What Size USB Flash Drive Do You Need?

Size is everything when it comes to technology.  Choosing the wrong size can limit your ability to succeed.  Fortunately the technology world has a variety of options when it comes to size.  In particular, the USB flash drives come in a variety of sizes.  If you are not sure what size you need, keep these suggestions in mind.


At Least A Gig


As a good rule of thumb, make sure to never purchase any USB drive that is under 1 GB.  In the past, 1 gig was the most anyone could find.  However, it wasn’t always sufficient – especially when it came to saving larger files.  Fortunately, today 1 gig seems to be more of a starting point.  In fact, you can even find these drives in 100 plus gig options.  Although you may not need that much space, you could benefit from having a couple of gigs.


What Are You Saving?


Another good question to ask yourself involves the files you are actually saving.  Make sure you know what type of files these are.  For example, if you are saving your novel on this flash drive, 1 gig should be a sufficient amount of space.  You can fit a large amount of word documents on a 1 gig drive.  However, if you are saving more complex files, make sure you have more space.  Space is particular important for large video and picture files.  If your business involves these larger files, you should invest in the largest USB drives you can find.




Another factor to consider is whether or not you are using the drive to back up your files.  Some people use this to transfer files.  Once the file has been transferred, they are less concerned with keeping it.  In these instances, a smaller USB drive will suffice.  However, if you plan on using your drive to backup your documents, make sure to get the largest drive you can find.  This way you get more files with each drive.


Fortunately, if your drive is too small, you can always purchase another one for a small fee.  Just make sure you don’t lose it!

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