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That’s So Cool! Thanks, It’s My New USB Drive


Mini-Cooper-USB-Flash-Drive-COOL-please-insert-a-disk-into-drive-super stick recovery tool v1.0.2.19-repair-infinity-flash-diskYes, it’s true.  The USB drive you carry in your pocket can tell people a lot about you, your business, your life, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes… you get the idea.  That’s because they are completely and totally customizable.

Name a Shape, An Object, Or a Color

Chances are, the USB drive for your computer can be made to fit those qualifications.  USB drives come in so many shapes and sizes that it would take forever to name them all here but just a few of the options are as follows: a key, a credit card, cartoon character, a car, one of those plastic bracelets which have become so popular, a poker chip, a golf bag complete with clubs, a basketball, a camera with faux telephoto lens attachment, lipstick, high-caliber bullet… As you can see the options are nearly limitless.  In addition to shapes, every color imaginable is available as are translucent encasements.  Materials most commonly consist of natural wood, plastic or metal.

USB Memory – Forget about It

Depending upon your budget, the kind of data you want to store or transfer, customized or non-customized and the amount of memory that you need, the options of how much you’re going to spend on however many USB drives you decide upon is variable.  One thing that is not known to some people is that the information on a USB drive can be erased.  You can either erase the entire drive or choose and erase single pieces of information or programs.

What that last bit of information means is that you can reuse an old USB drive as long as you have access to what’s already on it.  Remember too that security through a USB drive is new and improved. Something that has become very essential in a world of fraud and stolen identities.


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