How USB Drives Changed Our Lives


mystica_usb_flash_driveThere can be no doubt that modern technology, in its never-ending strive toward perfection, has changed lives throughout time.  These days, everything from social networking to advertising has made the move to traveling through the airways and space, from one end of the earth to the other, and appearing magically before us on a laptop, smart pad or smartphone screen.  Many of those laptops in fact use a little something called a USB drive.

Move over CD, Make Room for the USB

And coincidentally, the USB takes up far less space and needs almost no care or protection – unlike its predecessor, the CD.  In order to transfer something from one computer to another, one used to have to take all the time necessary to transfer all the information onto a CD, then take good care of that CD until it got to its new home.  Then of course the CD would need to be inserted and the information transferred – hopefully, successfully.  The USB drive made it possible to complete all of that in a fraction of the time and transport was as simple as a shirt pocket or a keychain.  Floppy disks also fell prey to the amazing USB.

How Do I Love Thee USB – Let Me Count the Ways

The USB drive, aside from burying floppy disks and CDs when it comes to transportability, storage and time consumption, have many attractive traits:

 outer casings, in addition to being highly customizable, are being built to withstand almost anything you can throw at them

 different amounts of memory are available for those who don’t need a ton of memory on one stick

 the protection of personal info and general security, through the use of a USB drive, is better than it’s ever been

 the USB drive that you purchase can be in direct correlation with your budget – prices vary, all depending on what you need to transfer and how much of it there is, what you want your USB drive to be made from, how customized you do or do not need it, etc.

And once again, technology being what it is, more and more work is being done on USB drives every day to make them even better than the day before, keep them pertinent in the computer world and make them something that you simply can’t live without.


About the author

Daniel Rubin Daniel Rubin is the co-owner of USB Direct Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the manufacturing of logo flash drives. You can view his .

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