Backing Up Files Is No Longer A Pain With USB Drives

Back in the 1990’s backing up files from a computer was a pain, you either had to back up to a big ole floppy disk or external hard drive that was a pain to take with you, these days there’s more ways to back up than ever before and one of the easiest ways to back up files is to use USB drives.


Why USB Drives?


With a USB drive you can all of the storage you will ever need in your hand, you will be able to backup your picture, Word documents, presentations, internet passwords and so much more. What’s cool about USB drives is that they are very inexpensive and cost as low as $5 to $150 depending on the style and storage capacity of the USB drive that you purchase.


USB Drives Vs. Cloud Storage


Any tech guy will tell you that they love cloud storage because, there’s nothing better than being able to access your files from the internet but what happens when you need to access your files and you can’t get online? What then? The solution to the problem is a USB drive because, with a USB drive you don’t need to have an Internet connection, you will have all of the files that you need with you, all the time.


If you love cloud storage that’s fine, it’s always a smart decision to have a USB drive as a standby just in case you’re in a position where you’re not able to access your files due to no Internet connection, poor connectivity or disaster.


USB Promotional Drives


For those business owners who are searching for the best ways to promote their businesses USB flash drives are the best way to go, they are very inexpensive to have produced and best of all, they are something that they average person will regularly use because, almost everyone has a computer these days and they want to back up their files.

About the author

Daniel Rubin Daniel Rubin is the co-owner of USB Direct Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the manufacturing of logo flash drives. You can view his .

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