Can’t Imagine What to Buy Your Teenager?


blue-present-suprise-47921-lHave I got great news for you!  You know all those mobile devices your kid insists upon spending every living moment on?  Well, at the very least, when it comes to their laptop and their smart tablet you can give them something that will appeal to almost any teenager no matter what their likes or dislikes.

A Little Something for Everybody

Giving the gift of a USB drive is appropriate under nearly every circumstance.  Giving a few of them to your teenager for their own use and storage is, in and of itself, a great idea.  But if you really want to make something special, you can customize what’s inside that USB drive.  Funny videos that you know your teen will enjoy, touching moments that have been shared by your family, concert clips of their favorite band (if indeed you are familiar with their music), or even a program that you know will help your creative and imaginative youth become even more so.  The possibilities of what you can put on a USB drive, depending of course on how much memory it has, are very nearly limitless. 

Make It Visually Appealing

Does your teenager like race cars?  What about golf?  Maybe they’re more into neon colors and translucent devices.  Whatever they’re into, chances are that there is a USB drive that is customizable to their likes, hobbies, etc.  Buy a few with a little bit of memory or buy one major USB drive with as much memory as possible.  This will be something that, every time your teen pulls it out of their pocket and plugs it into their laptop, they will think of you.

And anytime you can get a teenager to take two seconds out of their day and actually think about you… Clearly you must’ve made quite an impression.


About the author

Daniel Rubin Daniel Rubin is the co-owner of USB Direct Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the manufacturing of logo flash drives. You can view his .

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