What to Give the Person Who Has Everything


gift_love_grass_264796_lOrdinarily, this might be about a customized gift basket.  And make no mistake, the gift basket that is customized to a person’s likes or hobbies is a great idea.  But you can’t give a gift basket away to every potential client, every friend, every relative, at every Christmas party, birthday party… You get the idea.  And when you’re toying with an idea for that friend of yours who has seemingly everything… Good luck.  This is where we introduce the good news, because who wants to read an article with no good news inside.  Oh wait, that would be the daily newspaper.  Nevermind.

Customizable USB Drives to the Rescue

To find a household without a laptop or smart pad these days would be difficult at best – at least among civilized communities.  That person who has everything undoubtedly has every mobile device known to mankind, in abundance.  For that very reason, you should consider purchasing one or more customized USB drives for your favorite friend, client, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  In and amongst those people there is bound to be the one that has everything. Even the Most Interesting Man in the World could use a USB drive.

What’s the Big Deal about a USB Drive?

As said earlier, they are extremely customizable.  You can order a USB drive to look like almost anything and in every color.  If your friend likes tennis, get a tennis racket USB. Or if your friend loves race cars – a race car USB is available.  You would be hard-pressed to think of something that couldn’t be customized, albeit on a miniature basis.

USB drives can be purchased with various levels of memory, which also will affect the price.  Try to get the newest and most updated version of any USB drive – simply because modern technology improves upon these types of things every 5 minutes.  And you don’t want to get the guy who has everything something outdated – even by five minutes.


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