Can You Store Music On A USB Drive?

ipod_apple_macintosh_261539_lIf you are new to USB drives, you may have some questions about what type of digital files can be stored on these little gadgets. The fact of the matter is that any digital file that you may have can be saved onto a USB drive, as long as there is enough memory available on the device. For instance, some people have USB drives that have enough memory to back up their entire music catalogue while others may only be able to hold a few albums. Of course, there are a few more factors to consider before determining just how much music can fit onto your USB drive.

Finally, Organized Files

What type of music files do you have? Audio files can be saved in various formats and the file extension will alert you as to which type of files you are trying to save. For instance, if you are saving an audio file called “Happy Birthday” that is in MP3 format, the file would read “Happy Birthday.MP3”. The type of file that is being used will have a direct impact on how many files you can save on a drive, as different file types have different file sizes, even if it is the same song.

Small And Discreet

USB drives are a great way to store you music and as technology progresses, these drives can be used in more and more locations. For example, many new vehicles come equipped with USB inputs, so you can carry you entire music collection with you no matter where you go. Features such as this are a great reason to convert your collection.

USB drives will continue to become essential when it comes to backing up any sort of digital file. If you love your music collection and want it to last, make the switch to a USB drive.

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