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What Programs Can Be Stored On A USB Drive?

clef_computer_stick_238055_lWhile it is not common to run a program directly from a USB drive, it is totally possible, and easy enough to install.  For computers that run Windows, simply copy the program’s install file to your drive, and double click on it to start the install process.  You’ll follow the instructions for the installation process just as you normally would, except instead of your computer’s hard drive, select the USB drive.  Once the installation is complete, you should be able to use the program like any other executable, as long as the drive is plugged into your computer.


USB Drives Are A Great Way To Store Applications


A more practical use for USB drives when it comes to programs is to use them as a form of storage and back up.  When you’ve installed a new program, what do you do most of the time with the install file?  More often then not, they end up deleted.  This is always a big mistake, since you never know what’s going to happen to the computer you’re using it on.  If anything happens to the computer, that program is lost.  If you are lucky, you can download the installer again, but for older programs, maybe they’re no longer available, or maybe you just can’t remember the site where you got it from in the first place.


Know Where Your Programs Are


These examples show the need for USB drives.  You need a storage locker of sorts- a device that holds onto those install files, and ensures you’ll have them when you need them.  Given that install files are usually smaller that the full programs, a decent drive with plenty of room can hold just about all of them with ease.  Do yourself a favor, and back up those install files tonight.


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Efficiency Is The Game When Using A USB Drive

office-drive-memory-48668-lFor some who may not be as tech savvy as others, proper usage of a USB drive may not be as obvious as it may seem.  There are lots of short cuts to get you where you need to go when it comes to moving and transferring files.  When dealing with large groups or batches of files that you’re looking to move, it isn’t necessary to move them one at a time.  All you need to do is hold down shift, and drag your mouse down over all the files. Once they’re all selected, click and hold the mouse over them, and then drag them to the drive’s window.  Transfer times will vary depending on how many files you’re moving, and their sizes.


Copying Files Is A Quick Process When You Know How


From there, once they’re done copying, you can either close out the window and remove the USB drive, or further order the files.  You can create folders within the drive window to better order the files, or change their icons to better identify just what’s what.  What’s important is that you know which file is which, and where they are within the drive for down the line when you need quick access to them.  There’s nothing worse than having to go file by file, looking for just the right one.  Proper labeling and folder storage will ensure the maximum level of efficiency for all of your important files.


Move Files With Ease


Don’t stop there.  Once your important files are stored away, keep all these steps in mind so that you can repeat them with every other file just sitting on your computer’s hard drive.  Part of keeping a computer’s hard drive in a healthy state is keeping it’s storage as free as possible.  With the affordable nature of USB drives, there’s no reason to keep anything but frequently used files on your hard drive.  So, pick up the best drive for your needs, and get started copying tonight.

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Keep Your Contract Straight With The Help Of A USB Drive

computer_hard_drive_238550_lIt’s important in life to keep your obligations in order.  The problems start mounting when you let one after the other slip past your attention.  We all get wrapped up in how hectic life can get, but regardless, all it takes is one lost form, and you could potentially be out of several hundred dollars.  When it comes to contracts, keeping them in order always used to be a chore- a hassle, even.  And if the time ever came when you needed quick access to one of them, you never knew where to start looking for it.


A Contract Is Binding, So Treat It With The Respect It Deserves


The easy solution is to keep digital copies of all your important documents in one place that you have easy access to.  That’s where USB drives come into play.  By keeping all of your important documents on one that’s attached to a key ring, or beside your computer, you’ll never be without them when you need them.  And if you find yourself in a position where you need to reference a form or contract on the spot, it’s as close as your pants pocket.


Always Be Prepared


A good habit to start is being prepared for a situation before heading into it.  When it comes to professional contracts, or even cell phone contracts, there’s no easier way to avoid confusion and disputes than to have the necessary information at your fingertips.  Being able to produce what was agreed upon in print eases a lot of the stress that comes with modern life off of your shoulders.  So, make it a habit to always carry that USB drive on you, loaded up with all the important info in your life.

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Working On A New File System Using A USB Drive

earth-connection-world-1725-lIt happened again: you wrote an important note to yourself on a slip of paper, and now you can’t find it to save your life.  For most of us, this is a common occurrence.  Whether we’re talking about tax records, bills, work notes, or even just daily notes to ourselves, it’s so easy to lose track of a single file or sheet of paper.  And as we get older, the important little notes only get more and more frequent… and even easier to lose track of.  So why fight a losing battle?  Stop trying to keep track of every single scrap of information, and invest in a USB drive or two.


Keep Your Life In Order


By storing everything important on a single drive, you know where everything is, at all times.  To make it even easier on yourself, you can divide the files up by folders; taxes, notes, work, and so on.  When it comes to written notes, and loose print outs, if you have a scanner, you could scan them in one by one, and then toss out those crumpled sheets that have just been laying around your table.  In the end, you’ll be staring down a clean table surface, with only your laptop and a drive beside it.  No more mess- problem solved.


File Your Problems Away


What’s important is that this act becomes routine.  Don’t lose steam after you’ve completed the first batch.  If you do, you’ll run the risk of ending up right back where you started, and no one needs that hassle.  If anything, start a weekly pile of notes to be filed.  On an afternoon when you’ve got some free time, take an hour and scan them in.  Keep your life as uncluttered and stress-free as possible- that’s the point of filing with USB drives.

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Downloading Music To Your USB Drive

peace-play-musician-25070-lUSB drives are a great way to store all your old music, without having to hang on to all of those old cd’s.  Often when ripping our cd collection, the issue of space and storage rears its ugly head.  You’ve ripped every last one of your old cd’s, loaded them into your library of choice, but now what do you do with the files themselves- and the cd’s for that matter?  Well, you could hang onto the cd’s, but what would they do besides take up way too much space?  As for the digital files, you could keep them on your hard drive, but why eat into your computer’s hard drive when you don’t have to?  There’s an easier solution that solves both problems of physical and digital space.


Keep Your Collection Safe


A USB drive with a decent amount of memory could store most of those audio files, freeing up your hard drive, and taking a tiny fraction of the space your cd’s occupy.  In as little time as it takes to copy the files off of your computer and on to the drives, you’ll have a permanent solution to your storage issues, and you won’t have to worry about losing or deleting the files.  Imagine your hard drive crashing, or something else going wrong with your computer that leads to you losing the information on it. Why risk all of your music being part of that when you don’t have to?  With a USB drive, that information will always be on there unless you physically delete it.


Take Your Whole Library With You


Given how inexpensive the average USB drive is, storing all your music in them is possibly the most affordable, best option available to you.  Better yet, you’re whole music collection is now portable, without having to worry about syncing up with incomparable libraries and online music services.

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USB Drives Are Perfect For Auto Office

drive-memory-RAMM-39819-lOn a busy day in the office of an auto mechanic, things can get pretty hectic and frantic.  You’re dealing with mechanics each doing ten things at once, customers that each have their own unique concerns and questions, and one or two secretaries trying to keep each and every one of them happy.  As the owner and manager of the garage, it’s your job to keep all those plates spinning, and attend to everyone’s needs, no matter how big or small.  One of the ways to accomplish this is through data flow and management.


When dealing with large, constantly flowing amounts of information, it’s hard to keep everything straight.  Wifi speeds aren’t always reliable, especially if you have a bunch of customers all using your connection while they wait, and printing out pages of info isn’t cost-effective, or speedy, in the long run.


Drives Help Productivity


The answer to all of these concerns is issuing each of your workers a personal USB drive.  Doing so will allow them to transfer info between each other, and all of your networked computers, faster than just about any other option available to you.  Mechanics can take notes as they work, save the info to their USB drive, step into the office, and show you or the client directly.  Your secretaries can swap info back and forth with ease.  Most importantly, everyone can get whatever information you require quickly and simply.


Customers Value Fast Service


All of this equals an automotive repair shop that operates far more efficiently than most.  In no time at all, you’ll see things begin to smooth out.  The best part is, the expense for a set of USB drives are next to negligible, and tax deductible.  Pick them up later today, and implement them tomorrow- your business will thank you for it.

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Help Loved Ones Master A USB Drive & Gift Them a Pink USB

drive-flash-drive-63706-lIt always happens- you’re at a family gathering, and one of your loved ones walks up to you asking for help with some device they’ve recently purchased and can’t figure out.  For tech-savvy people, we usually end up being the ones in the family who help everyone else with whatever technology problems they’re having.  While the USB drive may be a common tool to us, for people less-familiar with such things, there may be a certain level of confusion when using them for the first time.  Here’s a couple quick tips to keep in mind when showing one of your loved ones how to properly use a USB drive.


USB Drive Use Is A Simple Process


Make sure your loved one understands the purpose of a USB drive- that it acts as a tiny storage unit.  From there, help them locate the ports on their laptop or tower where the drive plugs into.  Drives fit into ports one way, and should never be forced.  If they’re having issues, have them try flipping the drive over.


It’s As Easy As Plug And Drag


Once it’s in place, the auto play window should pop open, and they’ll want to click on the browse files option.  Once the USB’s window is open, have them search for the file on their computer that they would like to transfer, and then tell them to drag it over to the USB window.  A progress bar will show, and they’ll have to wait until the copying is complete.  Once the progress bar vanishes, and they can see the file they copied is in the USB window, they can close the window and safely remove the USB drive.


It may take a few goes, depending on your loved one’s level of experience, but soon enough, they should have no problem using a USB drive.

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Keep All Your Memories On A USB Drive

dongle_computer_technology_239350_lThe USB drive is a miracle device.  You can store so much more than anybody would have imagined fifteen years ago.  Back then, it was Zip drives, floppy discs, external hard drives and CDs and DVDs.  We still use DVDs and external hard drives for certain things, but if you want to make sure you always have your files and all of your (computer) memories on you at all times, you use a USB drive.


Size is Important


No one carries around their external hard drive with them, (although there are a few eccentrics out there), and most people don’t burden themselves with DVDs anymore.  It’s all about size, mobility and ease of use that’s important today.  If you have all your files and photos on a DVD, you would probably need several of them.  That would mean you would need a DVD holder, which would mean you would either have to lug it around in one hand or get a backpack or shoulder bag of some sort to keep it in.  This sounds like a lot of trouble to most people, so they just go and spend five bucks on a flash drive and stick it in their pocket or clip it on to their key ring.  It frees them up to do a lot of other things and it also takes the stress of breaking or losing those DVDs off their mind.


Small Equals Big


The flash drive can safely hold several gigabytes of your precious memories and important files.  The drives hold anywhere from 4 Gigs to 256 Gigabytes, and a terabyte flash drive is in the works for those of us who have a lot of data we want backed up.  It seems like there’s no end to how much memory can be put on one of those great little drives.  Good for us, good for our memories.

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How To Use A USB Drive

earth-connection-world-1725-lThe USB drive is one of the easiest and most user-friendly computer accessary ever invented. It’s small, it’s portable and has more memory than you may have ever dreamt of. You can back up all of your files, photos, graphics and movies on them.
Another thing about having this wonderful little memory device is that it’s inexpensive, usually starting at just under five dollars.

To use it, all you have to do is plug it into the USB port on your computer. The drive only fits into USB ports, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it into the wrong hole. After you’ve plugged it in, wait a moment and the drive icon will pop up on the desktop or a dialog box will appear. On a Mac, it’s the icon and PCs generally have a box.

Transferring Files Is A Cinch

Double click on the icon to open it or select “Open Folder to Explore File” on the dialog box. Once opened, whichever one you are working with will display its contents. If it is a new USB drive, then it will be empty and you are ready to transfer your files from the computer to the drive. If it is full, then you can open a file on the drive or transfer it to your computer. To transfer a file from the drive to your computer, all you have to do is click on the file and drag it to the desktop. The same process in reverse works for transferring a computer file to the drive. Just click and drag the file from the computer to the USB drive and it’s done.

If, for some reason you close the drive box before you are finished with it, simply click on “My Computer” from your desktop or in the “Start” menu and then double click on the image or name that corresponds to the flash drive, (a nickname for a USB drive).

Make A Copy First

Don’t forget to make a copy of the file you are going to transfer to the drive, then you’ll have the same file on your computer as you do on the drive. When you are finished with this process, you have just successfully backed up a file to the drive.
You can then remove the drive.

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USB Drives Are Great Office Christmas Gifts

birthday_wedding_surprise_269149_lOne of the most memorable Christmas gifts I ever received was a custom USB drive. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth. It was the most practical and thoughtful presents I had received in years. It sounds like I don’t have a very exciting life, but that thumb drive was exactly what I needed at the time. I was getting ready to move out and I needed to save a lot of work I had done on someone else’s computer. I only had one DVD and that wasn’t enough to take everything I had done with me.

Christmas morning was bustling with kids, relatives and great smells from the kitchen. It was a perfect day, until it came time to exchange gifts. Since I only had a small amount of money to buy presents, my offerings were rather meager. As it turned out, everyone else’s goodies were inexpensive also, meaningful, but economical.

Gifts Come In All Shapes And Sizes

There were a lot of homemade exchanges and a lot of home cooked and carefully wrapped surprises. Some gifts were simple, yet eloquently written sentiments that were full of emotion and love. All the gifts were given and accepted with heartfelt gratitude. When it came time for me to open mine, (I couldn’t believe anyone had gotten me anything anyway), I unwrapped it with the utmost care and deliberation.

Big Things In Small Packages

It was a small package with a flower on it instead of a bow. I gently set the flower aside and gingerly pulled the outer paper away from the little cardboard box. When I opened the lid I saw the USB drive. My eyes widened as I lifted it out and looked at it thoughtfully. I felt that I had gotten the best present of all. It was so useful and it was given to me just when I had needed it the most. That five-dollar gift is still on my key chain today.

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