New Trends In USB Drives

storage-drive-memory-1132927-lIn the world of consumer electronics, things are always changing and evolving at a staggering rate.  The best part about USB drives is they’re an amazingly versatile form of technology. For those needing to have a drive on them all time, but not wanting to hang it from a key ring or stuff it in their pockets or purses, there are several designers that manufacture drives that double as fashion accessories. From bracelets, to necklaces, to belt buckles even, there are easy ways to carry around your important info and files without the hassle of making sure you haven’t lost your drive every few minutes.


Drives Are Always Evolving


For those out there who don’t mind the classic form of USB drives (and who doesn’t), the look and design of them has almost become an art form in and of itself.  Straps with built in drives attach easily to book bags and purses.  Steel drives look as eye-catching as cigarette lighters.  Some drives are built to mimic make-up cases and applicators, and some have small flashlights attached.  No matter your tastes and personal preferences, the perfect stylish USB drive is out there waiting for you, complete with just the right form and function you need from it.


There’s A Drive For Every Interest


Last but not least you can’t talk about drives without mentioning collectibles.  Drives have become synonymous with the collectible market.  Movies often release custom drives for promotional purposes.  There’s action figure drives, led light up drives, and often times there are exclusive limited run drives handed out at conventions that go for big money on the secondary market.  As big an industry as USB drives have become, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  Find one or two that speak to you, and back up your files in style.

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