Use Your USB As An MP3 Player

Many people today listen to music while they are at work. It is one of the only ways that they get through the long, dull hours of the day. This is particularly true of those people that perform a lot of monotonous tasks that include number crunching and data entry. In order to spice up their day, they often like to listen to music. However, the radio stations are filled with commercials and ipods and iphones have limited battery life.

Files On The Work Computer

Some people decide to simply transfer their music files to their work computer. If they are lucky, this works for them. However, others do not have the ability to do this. Or, they might not prefer to do so. And many people cannot even download music on their work computer or stream music. If this is you, what should you do? The last thing you really want to do is sit in silence throughout the day.

USBs Are A Great Alternative

Consider using a USB as an alternative to your MP3 player. You can probably hold all of the music you have ever owned on a USB device given their size. Then, simply plug the device into your work computer and let it play. Most people use windows media player. You won’t have to transfer these songs to your computer either. Instead, you can listen directly from the flash drive. And when you are done, you can unplug the device. It is really that simple. And the best part is that you do not waste battery power. It is an environmentally friendly way to listen to music at work!

USB 3.0

Lastly, if you invest in a device that has USB 3.0 technology, you will notice
that the music will transfer quickly and you will be able to access it quickly.

External Hard Drives And USB 3.0

By now you’ve probably heard about USB 3.0 technology. According to all reports, this technology runs at 5 gigabits per second compared to the 480 megabits per second that USB technology offered. Most people estimate that the new technology is approximately 10 times faster than the old version. Therefore, speeding up your life makes sense. However, the question most people ask is why is it really necessary to have this new technology. Is it vital to rush out and get USB 3.0 today? Maybe. And if you plan on using external data storage, the answer is probably yes.

External Storage

Many people use external storage drives for their computers. Why? This is a relevant question especially when today’s computers seem to come equipped with unlimited amount of space on them. However, what happens if your computer crashes? What will you do if all of your files are lost? This is why several people take advantage of external storage. They use these drives to back up their hard drives from time to time to prevent a disaster in case their computer does crash.

The Main Reason People Don’t Backup

Although it seems simple and standard to back up your computer, a lot of people do not do it. The main reason for avoiding a simple back up is because it takes time to transfer files to the external drive. Time is limited and for most of us, precious. It’s understandable that a time consuming task like this one would get pushed to the back burner. Especially since it may not seem to be time sensitive.

USB 3.0 Provides Time

Fortunately, thanks to USB 3.0, the time to transfer files is diminished. It takes little or no time compared to older technologies making it a lot easier to back up your computer and save you time in a pinch. It is a smart and easy solution to your storage needs.

What To Do With Old USB Drives

When it comes to anything that has to do with computers, chances are you probably have old stuff lying around that you have deemed unnecessary. Many of these items have most likely worn out their usefulness. They simply are no longer are needed given the new technology available. This is definitely true for many people who have old or unused USB storage devices lying around. Whether these drives or big external hard drives or the more portable pocket flash drives, there might be a way to actually use them instead of simply letting them take up space.


One great idea for these older devices is to give them a new life by using a USB-to-NAS device. NAS (Network attached storage) devices are actually quite popular in the computer world. Many of the latest versions of these devices have up to 4 USB ports. This means that you could attach your old USBs to this device. It allows you to instantly share your data on all of those USB drives.

Software For NAS

Another great thing about the NAS is the software that comes with it. You can rest assured that you will be able to operate the network anywhere. Therefore, it makes sense. Imagine the capabilities ability to transfer date over a network to a USB? Many people are taking advantage of it and you can too.

Web-Based Networking

Lastly, much of this networking is done through the web. Therefore, it is often seamless and easy to share files and transfer data. This new technology is changing the way many people interact. And it is also making use of a lot of people’s unused USBs! If you have unused USBs lying around, it is time to gather them up and start networking with a NAS device.

How Fast Is USB In The Real World?

We’ve heard a lot about the new USB 3.0 technology. However, many people question how fast it is. Is it fast enough to even notice a difference? Or will you be fine without this technology? Many wonder if USB 3.0 is simply a lot of hype. There are others, though, that claim this technology will make a tremendous impact on all that you are doing. Here’s why:

Experts Rave About Performance Improvement

One of the top reasons that this technology is a must have is because it has been tried and tested by many experts in the technology field. Experts across the board seem to rave about the improvements they notice in performance due to using USB 3.0 technology. After they tested it, they seemed to agree that it was something that would make their processes easier and faster.

It’s About The Real World More Than The Data

Although the data suggests that this technology will improve performance, you might not realize how much it will make a difference until you see or try a demo. After all, a number is one thing, but the experience is a different thing entirely. One of the reasons for this is that the speed of the USB connection actually has a major impact on the performance of a hard-drive in the real world.

Test Out This Technology For Yourself

Many people will benefit from this technology. It is easy to try it and it is available now! The technology will make your life easier. It is a smart decision, especially if you are constantly backing up files. A process like this one can be time consuming. Therefore, look into your USB options. It will greatly benefit you in the future. In today’s world, speed really does matter, so having the faster technology is important.

USB 3.0

According to many computer experts, the USB is considered one of the top PC innovations of all time. If you think about it, this innovation is pretty remarkable. For many people, it allowed them to transfer data and connect much easier. However, the improvements that have been made over the years are one of the best aspects of this type of technology.

USB 2.0/USB Hi-Speed

Approximately 10 years ago, the USB 2.0 versions were introduced into computer systems and devices. This was a great advancement at the time. It brought the data transfer rate from 12Mbps to 480 Mmps. However, that improvement was ten years ago, and today we have a better faster technology known as USB 3.0.

Today’s USB Technology

The best technology for USBs today is USB 3.0. Access to this technology allows you to have the maximum speed available, which is 4.8 Gbps. This technology is 10 times faster than the 2.0 version and much, much faster than the original version.

Why Do You Need This?

A lot of people assume that they do not need this. A common thought is that they are just transferring files to the USB device or printing a few documents here and there on their computer. Why invest in a newer USB when the old one is sufficient. The truth is that these USBs have so many functions. Many people actually use them for other devices besides a computer. For example, USB 3.0 works well if you are transferring a 27 GB HD movie to your media player. With USB 3.0, a task like this one will only take 70 seconds. That is pretty fast given the complexity of the task.

Looking To The Future

And as we look to the future, we find that more and more technologic advances that will require the technology of USB 3.0. It is definitely something to know about and have on hand.

The USB Has Been Around For Years

In the last few years, it seems as though the trash cans have been piling up with computer disks that are too small for storing the necessary data to get by with today’s communication needs. In addition, as technology improves, a beautiful digital image will not transport well on a disk. Instead, individuals need a better technology to rely on. While email is sometimes sufficient, it is not always effective. Often the files we use are too big and email will not do the trick. In cases like these, a USB storage device may be

Everyone Has A USB

Today it seems as though everyone has a USB device to store files. In addition, all of the computers come standard with USB technology. But the technology changes rapidly, if your USB device is old chances are the space on it is limited. You might need something that allows you to transport files easier and share information with others. Fortunately, technology
provides for this.

USB Technology Is Not New

Although USB technology may be a new adventure for many, it is definitely not a new development in the tech world. This technology has been around for several years. In fact, USB devices have been around since 1995. That is a long time for many of us. This dates back to the time and place when many of us sat in desks and schools without the use of personal computers. Yet, the USB technology was alive and running. So why has it taken so long for this technology to become more mainstream?

Changes In USB Technology

Throughout the years, USB technology has been changed and upgraded. It is now easier to use and much more efficient. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many people rely on this technology to keep them connected at all times.

USB, The Standard For Connectivity

Do you remember several years ago when you bought your first computer? Perhaps it came equipped with a disk drive that allowed you to save and transport files. It was not uncommon to have multiple floppy or hard disks lying around the house. Chances are one of these disks might have been inserted into the old computer to browse files. And while it seems like a bulky storage solution, this was all we had back in the day. Fortunately, today we rely on a much better technology – the USB.

USB Is Standard

Use of the USB port in computers is standard for connectivity today. Almost every new computer has several USB ports. In additional, most peripheral devices you can imagine also utilize USB ports for connectivity as well. This makes connecting and transferring files simple and easy.

USB Common For Increasing Number Of Systems

In addition, USB ports have become a common technology for multiple systems. This means that many common electronics and computers may require the use of USB cards, ports, chips, and controllers. Using these devices actually simplifies technology. At the same time, it allows each of us to connect to more than we would usually be able to.

USB Technology Always Advancing

Another great aspect to the USB technology is that the makers of these devices continually make improvements to ensure that we get the best product. The new technology allows us to save more files – and in the process, back up more information. It also allows us to connect easier. Therefore, staying up to date on the latest gear when it comes to USB will ensure that you have the best devices for your needs. Perhaps your USB device has out served its usefulness. If this is the case, you might
need to check into what new upgrades may be necessary.

What Is The Importance Of A USB Drive?

drive-memory-istick-637596-lWhen it comes to saving important digital files, the importance of a USB drive can’t be stressed enough. USB drives, or “flash drives”, as they are more commonly known, are not a new invention, but as the world becomes more and more digital, the need for these devices does grow.

Multipurpose Tool

There are so many uses for the drives that once you begin exploring the potential that they carry with respect to your everyday life, you will likely ask yourself how you made it so long without a drive in the first place. Whether you are sharing photos or any other digital file, USB drives are a secure way to share information with other people. For files that are a bit more sensitive than others, you can even assign a password to the drive, or to the individual files, which will protect the information from being accidentally seen by someone who doesn’t have the proper credentials.

Keep Data Safe And Secure

Maybe you have no desire to share your files with other people. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need a USB drive in your life! USB drives are perfect for backing up the information that you want to keep safe. Anyone living in the Digital Age knows that sometimes, files can be corrupted, without even a hint of a danger. There are plenty of reasons that this can happen and if it does, it could completely ruin the work that you have spent so much time on.

By backing up your files on a USB drive, you can recover the information from your last save point, which adds to the security that you feel when working. USB drives can be used in any facet of your life and if you aren’t using a drive yet, you are missing out on the potential that they possess.