External Hard Drives And USB 3.0

By now you’ve probably heard about USB 3.0 technology. According to all reports, this technology runs at 5 gigabits per second compared to the 480 megabits per second that USB technology offered. Most people estimate that the new technology is approximately 10 times faster than the old version. Therefore, speeding up your life makes sense. However, the question most people ask is why is it really necessary to have this new technology. Is it vital to rush out and get USB 3.0 today? Maybe. And if you plan on using external data storage, the answer is probably yes.

External Storage

Many people use external storage drives for their computers. Why? This is a relevant question especially when today’s computers seem to come equipped with unlimited amount of space on them. However, what happens if your computer crashes? What will you do if all of your files are lost? This is why several people take advantage of external storage. They use these drives to back up their hard drives from time to time to prevent a disaster in case their computer does crash.

The Main Reason People Don’t Backup

Although it seems simple and standard to back up your computer, a lot of people do not do it. The main reason for avoiding a simple back up is because it takes time to transfer files to the external drive. Time is limited and for most of us, precious. It’s understandable that a time consuming task like this one would get pushed to the back burner. Especially since it may not seem to be time sensitive.

USB 3.0 Provides Time

Fortunately, thanks to USB 3.0, the time to transfer files is diminished. It takes little or no time compared to older technologies making it a lot easier to back up your computer and save you time in a pinch. It is a smart and easy solution to your storage needs.

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