Use Your USB As An MP3 Player

Many people today listen to music while they are at work. It is one of the only ways that they get through the long, dull hours of the day. This is particularly true of those people that perform a lot of monotonous tasks that include number crunching and data entry. In order to spice up their day, they often like to listen to music. However, the radio stations are filled with commercials and ipods and iphones have limited battery life.

Files On The Work Computer

Some people decide to simply transfer their music files to their work computer. If they are lucky, this works for them. However, others do not have the ability to do this. Or, they might not prefer to do so. And many people cannot even download music on their work computer or stream music. If this is you, what should you do? The last thing you really want to do is sit in silence throughout the day.

USBs Are A Great Alternative

Consider using a USB as an alternative to your MP3 player. You can probably hold all of the music you have ever owned on a USB device given their size. Then, simply plug the device into your work computer and let it play. Most people use windows media player. You won’t have to transfer these songs to your computer either. Instead, you can listen directly from the flash drive. And when you are done, you can unplug the device. It is really that simple. And the best part is that you do not waste battery power. It is an environmentally friendly way to listen to music at work!

USB 3.0

Lastly, if you invest in a device that has USB 3.0 technology, you will notice
that the music will transfer quickly and you will be able to access it quickly.

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