4400 mAh power bank

Power Banks Introduction

In a world where portability is becoming increasingly important, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to add convenience to our lives. One of the most frustrating things that can happen during an average day is to find that your smartphone or tablet has run out of power at the moment you need it most. A new product has hit the market that will allow you to eliminate this common problem once and for all. Power Banks is a portable charging device that allows you to charge any USB capable device wherever you may be.

Choosing Your Capacity

One of the most compelling reasons to consider introducing Power Banks to your technological arsenal is the fact that you get to choose the power capacity that meets your individual needs. If you just need a reliable backup to provide about two charges during the day, a 2200 mAh would be accommodating. However, if you have multiple devices and need reliability on the go, you may prefer to opt for a charger delivering 14,000 mAh. This is the equivalent of a whopping 10 charges on a single battery.

Keeping it Classy

Most of us know what a typical charging device looks like. However, when you opt for Power Banks, you can enjoy the opportunity to charge your device in a unique style. There are over 12 different shapes and styles to choose from that will set you apart from the crowd including:

Avoiding Multiple Connections

With many portable charging devices, it is necessary to connect the charger with your device using a USB cable. Power Banks allows you to bypass this step as the unit is able to plug into your phone, tablet, or other device directly. This makes it easy to make a phone call and charge simultaneously. Long gone are the days when you lose power in the middle of a busy afternoon. Power Banks is the perfect solution for any techie on the go.

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