USB Cables As Impulse Items


usbtypecconnectorSurely you’ve seen them at the checkout counter.  Lately, I was in a CVS drugstore picking up a few odds and ends and I spotted USB cables at the checkout for just a few dollars each.  Naturally, I had to grab one because I actually was having problems with one of my USB cables used to charge my cell phone.  With the new Type C USB cable ready to launch later this year, will the old USB cable still be seen as an impulse item?

How Will Pricing Compare?

It’s hard to believe that these new USB cables will be as inexpensive, affordable, cheap, what have you, as the current USB cables.  Something new and improved is never cheap, as a rule.  It’s going to be quite some time before all of your mobile devices incorporate the new USB ports, so what will that do to the sales of the old USB cables?  Will there be a surge in sales to snatch them all up before they become extinct?  Will people stop buying them altogether?

Don’t Be so Quick To Discard Your Old USB

A new USB cord means new USB ports.  New USB ports means that all of the devices you now have in your possession are going to be obsolete – at least when it comes to using the new and improved USB cables.  Cell phones, laptops and smart tablets have not yet gone the way of existing USB cords – that is, found at the checkout counter as impulse items.  Though with everyone needing to buy new mobile devices in order to accommodate the new cords, will the sale of devices containing the old USB ports plummet?

It seems nothing can ever be simple.  Though the new Type C USB cable will be compatible with all updates, our current devices are anything but compatible with this updated USB cord. So now what?


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