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USB-C Solution for Macbook Users

If you’ve purchased a new Macbook, you likely were attracted to the high level of portability. In an increasingly busy society, we want to be able to easily access our data, and Macbook has made this possible. However, many users were frustrated with the fact that they had to be burdened with unwieldy adapters. A new solution has hit the market to allow you ultimate convenience.

Speed You Can Count On

We live in a world driven by instant gratification, and you often rely on quick data transfer and downloads in order to deliver on the job. With GoHub, you’ll have the speed you can count on as the product proudly features:

  • Nano-sized flash drives
  • Read transfer rates of 135MB/s
  • Write transfer rates of 56MB/s

Just Clip and Go

GoHub, the world’s smallest USB-C hub, allows for you to gain an additional 128GB of storage for your Macbook, and you can even give your phone a quick charge on the go using the MacBook’s power adapter. What’s genius about the GoHub is that it’s able to be clipped onto your key chain.

Gone are the days when you had to lug around adapters in addition to your numerous other items of daily use. GoHub creators are essentially giving you the option to consolidate the items you’d normally carry on a typical day. Convenience is key in today’s busy world, and GoHub has proven to deliver.

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