Charging Your Android or iOS Device Just Got Easier

Let’s face it. We’re constantly plugging and unplugging our mobile devices for a charge. Over time, this has been known to cause damage. New magnetic chargers designed to address this issue have recently been released by aMagic, a company based in Hong Kong. Consumers have the choice of microUSB magnetic form and Lightning magnetic cable, and a number of additional benefits can be taken advantage of by acquiring the new technology.

Magnetic Plug for Reversible Charging

While the new MagCable does not support USB C, it does feature a magnetic plug that allows for reversible charging, allowing the user to effectively charge their device from the other direction. Just a few of the other benefits of the MagCable include:

  • Neodymium magnet connecting cable that’s said to have the capability to deliver magnetic power at temperatures as high as 200C
  • Fast charging option
  • One meter in length
  • Resistance from damage through use of magnetic plug
  • “Smart indicator” that displays charging status and allows owner to find their phone easily in dark settings

An Affordable Price

All of these features can currently be acquired for the modest price of just $12 or £8 when purchased as a Kickstarter project. The microUSB or Lightning adapter tip cable can be added for $15. While aMagic is still making arrangements to make this innovative new product available offline, it has been reported that all Kickstarter backers will have the ability to receive shipments beginning in November.

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