Picking the Best Flash Drive

It’s always important to understand why you think you need a flash drive before going online or to the store to buy one. There are so many different reasons, features and options with flash drives that it’s best to identify your need before making a final choice. Many times you may not even need a flash drive by the time you’re done exploring your options.

Why a Flash Drive?

USB flash drives are helpful for storing, transferring securing and backing up data. Many times the level of need for these depends on your accessibility to the internet and your current budget. Many of the same services and functions a flash drive offers can be found online with certain cloud computing services and applications. Clouds can be used to transfer, store, secure and backup data.

What’s the Difference?

A Flash drive provides a hardcopy and direct access to the data whereas a cloud requires internet services and an operating device to access the data. This is a major deciding factor in the elimination process. Speed can also be a deciding factor. There are major differences in transfer speed between USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and uploading or downloading data from the cloud. There are also size limitations with the files that can efficiently transfer to or from the cloud whereas USB drives are typically limited to fewer than 300 GB in size.

In the ideal situation, it is best to have access to both the flash drive and professional cloud applications as well. The flash drive is an effective tool to finishing work at a remote location without internet access. The flash drive is going to be the best tool for transferring massive amounts of data in an efficient time period as well. Backing up or retrieving information from the cloud is also wise. The ideal situation is to use a flash drive in conjunction with cloud applications to make the most of the technology.

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