When Great Inventions Collide

It only makes sense that the three of the greatest technological innovations from the 20th century – the television, the telephone and the personal computer – would find themselves rubbing elbows in this day and age. TV shows are available on the Web. Smart Phones can share information with the computer. And now, because of the speed and connectivity of USB, your HDTV can be converted into the biggest computer monitor you’ve ever known.

Sophistication Made Simple

At 1080p, most modern high-def televisions are also make for a monitor that displays your data in the highest of resolution. USB to HDMI converters deliver the kind of clarity that S-video never could – never mind the audio-video pairings one had to contrive in the murky days before that. This takes away the necessity to download and burn DVDs of your favorite movies from online sources; you can just open it up and watch in on your TV.

You Can Afford This One

This is not only a welcome invention which has long been salivated over by tech mavens. It also happens to be one of the first such break-throughs that was not originally priced in such a way as to make the consumer feel wounded. Look at the first DVD players, which cost hundreds of dollars, and can now be found for about fifty bucks. Many brands of USB/HDMI adapters sell for less than a hundred dollars, and in the coming years will no doubt be included as standard equipment with new TV sets.

With wireless versions already on the shelves, people now have the option of settling into their couches with their laptop computers, able to view their monitor in high-definition on a 50-inch (or bigger) plasma screen. They’ll be able to listen to their favorite songs through their surround-sound systems. Their movie library will now take up no space whatsoever, and can be accessed as easily as e-mail – all thanks to the tiny USB port that comes standard on all new computers.

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