How To Protect Your USB Flash Drive

In the past it wasn’t possible to quickly save large amounts of data quickly and easily without having to use large floppy disks, diskettes or bulky external hard drives. Unlike old school storage devices USB flash drives don’t have moving parts. Computers read and write flash data using the same commands as mechanical disk drives on typical computers with the storage appearing via the computers operating system.

Thanks to the invention of the USB port and external flash memory drives the average computer user can save up to 500 gigabytes of data on their flash drive and take it with them wherever they go. Even though USB flash drives are wonderful assets for any computer user they also are easy for any hacker to break into and leave viruses or Trojans on. In this day and age of computers always being connected to the internet it’s easy for hackers to break into a computer and leave a virus on external drives.

USB Flash Drives: Havens For Hackers

Any time you do a virus scan of your computer it’s important to also scan your removable drives like your USB flash drive as well because if there are viruses or Trojans on those drives those viruses can be transferred from one computer to another every time plug your USB flash drive into another computer. If you don’t currently have virus protection on your computer many free programs exists online that a computer user can download to scan for Malware, Spyware and Adware.

If Your USB Flash Drive Becomes Infected

Every computer user hates viruses but in this day and age of always being connected to the Internet viruses are sometimes unavoidable. If your USB flash drive becomes infected you should have your anti-virus software remove the virus or Trojan and then once that virus is removed you should consider reformatting that flash drive immediately.

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