Networking Via USB

USB technology is designed to allow greater communication possibilities between computers and peripheral devices. Networking, in any of its forms, is the end result of such communication. When several computers are linked together, they form a computer network. No surprise then that USB technology can be used right along with networking to make your life easier.

Three Kinds of USB Networking

USB networking can occur in several different ways:

  • You can network two or more computers together using a USB bridge, but do not try to link them using any other type of USB cable as this can result in severe damage to both computers. A USB bridge is a special cable connector that will allow you to link the machines without damaging them.
  • You can create a USB hub that services some or all of your peripheral devices. Once you have created that hub, you can network the devices in such a way that they are shared between multiple computers. This is useful in a home or small office, when you want to share connectivity without having to mess around with physical connections
  • You can also use your wireless network to share connectivity to USB devices. This makes it possible to connect to a printer, for example, from anywhere on the network without needing to physically connect your machine to that printer.

These are all ways that USB and networking technology can be used together to improve your connectivity and your efficiency.

Why Network?

When your computers and other devices are linked together to create a computer network, then you can have access to the information and functionality that you need from your electronic devices with very little effort. This technology essentially allows you to share your devices across multiple computers. It also allows you to share the information that those devices contain. When your computers are networked, you don’t need a flash drive to carry your projects, your music, or even your apps. You can simply access them across the network. Nor do you need to physically plug your computer into other devices. With USB technology, its simple to make your electronics talk to each other and your life easier.

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