How To Run Software Directly From Your USB Flash Drive

Today’s USB flash drives are extremely advanced. Chances are the one you own that you purchased a few years ago is not up to par with the standards offered by the USB devices on the market today. Many of the newer devices hold an extremely large amount of data. In addition, they are extremely fast. This makes them perfect for transferring data, backing up your hard drive, and other computer related activities. For example, many people are actually running software directly from these USB flash drives. Do you want to do the same? It is actually easier than you might think. Here’s how:

Portable Applications

First, you have to go to download software that will allow you to use portable applications on your USB. For Microsoft Windows, there are several options. However,the Portable Freeware Collection, LiberKey, WinPenPack, and are all great options for download. If you run Mac OS, try OS X Portable Applications – FreeSMUG.

U3 Drive

The next step is determining if your drive is U3-compatible. If you have Windows, you should be able to click on the U3 logo in the systems tray and the menu should pop up. Any drives that are U-3 compatible should atomically install the software. And for other drives, you will install the files yourself.

Run The Program From Your USB Flash Drive

Next, run the program from the USB flash drive. You can run it from the U-3 menu or find it in a file in your USB flash drive. Either way, you should be able to run the program and begin using it. And because you now have the software on the USB flash drive, you can take it with you wherever you go and access on any computer you plug into. This tool can become very useful in many different situations.

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