What You Can Do With A USB Flash Drive

Many people have USB flash drives for the purposes of storing data. This is obviously the standard reason to own one of these drives. However, if you do own one of these drives or are considering purchasing one, there are a lot of other things you can do with the drive. Here are some of the top uses that a USB flash drive is good for:

Run Portable Applications

Many people today are running portable applications with the use of their USB flash drive. OpenOffice is a complete office suite that can be accessed as a portable application. In addition, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are also available for the use as portable applications. This means that you can take the most vital applications with you wherever you are and use them on the go.

Boot An Operating System

Another cool feature of the USB flash drive is the ability you have to boot from the flash drive entirely. This is great is you are having problems with your hard drive. However, you may have to learn how to correctly do it! The process can be complicated at first.

Connect To A Wireless Network

Also, for those that have a wireless network they are accessing, you might want to consider saving the configuration information to the USB flash drive. Then you can connect wirelessly with other computers easily. Windows software can easily help you do this.

Create A Password Reset Disk

Do you ever forget the passwords you have created? It is sometimes hard to remember them all with the requirements that some sites require. However, if you create a password reset disk on your USB, you will be able to remember passwords in a pinch. This may come in handy when you least expect it and you will be glad that you took the time to use this feature of your flash drive.

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