3/4 Inch Lanyard



Lanyards are used almost everyday for any type of situation. A lanyard is made so that there is a rope or wire that can be hung from around your neck. This makes it easier to store cards and have personal items at hand so everything is made easier. If you tend to forget your most important cards, this is the perfect product for you and many of the people around you! With that said, lanyards can be customized in anyway you like. This includes the size of the rope as well there are many various sizes, which you can choose from. In which case, our staff would be more than happy to tell you about the sizes that can be chosen from. Also, for the design, colour, and preference of image to enhance customization, it can also be done to your liking you are able to choose what is put onto your lanyards. This is the perfect promotion products for big companies especially, if you would like to have your company name or logo on the lanyard itself for customers to hold on to.

Provided in the images there are various styles of hooks available for the lanyard of your choosing. You have the ability to choose whatever your preference is!

Standard Order 10-12 Business Days
Rush Order 6-8 Business Days
Warranty0 year