Leather has a look that is always classy and professional. There are leather jackets, leather boots, leather bags, and the list goes on. But did you know that we can make your promotional USB keys look just as stylish as well! You can choose from a variety of leather colours. you can make keychains, or even make a bracelet out of it so you always have access to your information. These leather USBs make it fashionable to have your documents available during important business conferences. Look over our selection of leather custom USBs and make one yours today.

Leather USB Drives Will Get People Talking

We don’t tend to think too much about flash drives. They’re typically the same basic shape and size, and we use them often enough that we don’t think too much about it as we plug them into our various compatible electronic devices. We’ve changed the game in USB technology with leather and a little bit of creativity, and, in the process, turned a mundane daily activity into a frequent opportunity to get people talking about your business. When you turn an unlikely item into a flash drive, people ask questions and pay attention. When the subject of the conversation has your logo and company information on it, brand recognition is inherent.

So just how did we use leather to spice up USB technology? By thinking outside the box, we came up with many ways. Whether they style you’re looking for is fun, professional, or something in-between, we’ve got the options you’re looking for:

  • Magnetic close to create a unique look outside of the typical USB drive realm
  • Leather pouch that stands out on any key chain
  • Leather executive drive that features an official look and luxury aura
  • Leather bracelet your potential customers will look at all day

Taking Your Advertising Campaign Beyond Acquisition

Of course you want to acquire new customers. However, what’s even more valuable is a customer that keeps coming back. When you provide your market what they really need, they learn to trust you and your brand. By getting your foot in the door with a free product that’s unique, useful, and of high quality, you’ve already established yourself as a friend who also happens to be an expert in your field. When they need your products or services, you’ll be the first business that comes to mind.

Online marketing has taken the personal touch out of business. Where customers enjoy the speed and convenience of a quick online purchase, the value in the personal touch is one that will stand the test of time. Your leather USB drives serve as your company’s little ambassadors, constantly out in the community promoting your brand. When the time comes that recipients need what you have to offer, they’ll find themselves reaching for their flash drive for contact information rather than their mobile device. With so many fun designs to choose from, it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for, so get started today for the gift that keeps on giving.