Mobile Phone Compatible

Let’s face it. The modern person relies on technology. In fact, over 75% of Canadians have a cell phone, and they rely on data transfer in both their personal and professional lives. Sometimes, it can be difficult to transfer information to or from your cell phone, and that’s exactly why we offer custom USB drives that are mobile-compatible. Our products are built to work with Apple Lightning, Android Micro USB, and USB for PC and Mac. No matter the device, we have a way to get data where it needs to be.

A Thoughtful Gift That’ll Leave Them Wondering How You Knew Them So Well

You only get one shot at a good first impression, and, when you provide a potential customer with a gift they didn’t even realize they needed, they’ll take notice. Many people don’t even realize there are mobile-compatible promotional USB devices out there. Imagine being the one to show them the light. A few of the benefits in doing so include:

  • They will be delighted each time they use your gift, always being reminded by your friendly logo and company information with each use.
  • Mobile Phone Compatible Custom USB devices are conversation starters. People will ask where recipients of your custom USB drives got them, and your information is right there ready to share.
  • You get your foot in the door as a trustworthy business who takes the time to think of customers’ needs.

Perfect Solution for Extra Space

Most of us have received the notification that we’re running short on storage space. Depending on the device, there’s probably also an option to purchase more. Your potential customers won’t have to worry about the added costs and stress with your mobile-friendly USB device. It provides them an easy way to clear up more space so they can keep doing the things they love with their phone. Or, it can serve as a convenient backup so they never have to worry about losing their important digital data. With so much versatility, this truly is a gift that recipients can make their own. Since most Canadians use mobile devices, chances are mobile USB drives will fall into the hands of people who can put them to good use.

Each time a potential customer plugs their mobile USB device into their phone, they’ll see your branding information, and this will stay in their minds. When the time comes they need what you offer, guess who they’ll be calling?