USB Drives


From pens and t-shirts to desk accessories and more, there are hundreds of items on which you can place your logo and give away to promote your business. While this has proven a highly successful way to get the right conversations started about your brand, you have to put some thought into the item you choose.

Flash drives are an excellent promotional item. Unlike a t-shirt that can easily get hung up in a closet and never see the light of day, custom USB drives do get used. In fact, a study found that nearly half of discarded or lost flash drives are picked up and used by a new owner!

Here to Create the Perfect Custom USB Drive for Your Brand

Here at USB Direct, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all promotional item to use for every industry. That’s why we work to ensure you get the exact custom USB drive that reflects the creative mission of your brand. From classy and sleek to the truly unusual and unique, we make it our mission to help you turn your ideas into a tangible promotional items you can start spreading throughout the communities you serve.

In a data-driven world, give your customers the ability to transfer theirs with ease using quality custom USB drives featuring your company logo as the focal point.