Plastic Moulded

These plastic moulded USBs are lightweight, sleek, and colourful. Add a pop of colour with one of these USB models to make your logo stand out. The trendiness of these plastic moulded USB designs will not go out of style. You can count on these USBs for safe storage and a professional look, and so will any client who receives one. It’s so portable that it can be easily hang from a keychain or lanyard. Don’t let the compact size and light weight fool you, you can choose as much data storage as you desire for your cool new USBs.

Helping Potential Clients Stand Out

People like to stand out. We find a sense of uniqueness and pride when we’re able to set a trend and stand apart, and you can give potential clients in your market an opportunity to do just that. When you place your logo and company information on our plastic moulded flash drives, they’ll be excited to show their friends and family such a cool gadget that houses their most important digital data. We make it easy to find a flash drive that’s as unique as your business. Some even provide multiple uses like our clever bottle opener flash drives. Our cassette tape customized flash drive allows a fun way to display your contact information.

Providing Clients the Benefits of Flash Memory

People rely on their digital data. From pictures and videos to important pdf files and so much more, they need a reliable way to transport their data for convenient use when and where they need it. When you provide them a custom, plastic moulded flash drive, you offer much more than just another promotional product. Some of the many benefits these items unleash include:

  • Excellent durability for security in digital storage
  • High storage capacity with fast transfer speeds
  • Compatibility with many devices

Our team understands the effort and thought that goes into the decision on how your company spends its advertising dollars. In a day and age when consumers around the globe can instantly access products and services, it’s critical your company is able to set itself apart from the competition. Word of mouth advertising remains one of the most cost effective and beneficial forms of advertising, and promotional products get the right conversations started. Give your market something to talk about every time a fun, unique flash drive is pulled out of a briefcase, backpack, or purse. We are always at work thinking of new ideas to transform the way we experience flash technology for a custom experience.

An Advertising Investment That Doesn’t Expire

Unlike television ads and online banners, there’s no expiration date on your custom, plastic moulded flash drives. Most flash drives last at least a decade when properly handled. Imagine the exposure your company logo and contact information will receive from a single investment. Best of all, buying in bulk allows for maximum savings in a proven, lasting marketing strategy.