The Pen Line

Writing utensils are so important for getting your signature on an important document. But it is even more important to always have access to your valuable data. That is why we’re more than happy to create and customize your very own pen with a handy built-in USB. These sleek looking designs are convenient to carry with you; we understand you have a busy life that is why they are compact and lightweight! There are lots of styles and colours to choose from, so you can get just the pen/USB combo you are looking for.

A New Spin on an Old Promotional Method

Most of us have used a promotional USB pen. In fact, you probably have one in your proximity as you read this. Some are retractable. Others feature a simple topper. They come in all different colors and designs. While promotional pens can provide many unique features, one you probably haven’t come across is USB technology. Give your potential customers the pen that’ll become their favorite with your business name and logo on the side. You simply pull the pen apart to access all your digital data, a versatile item your customers will wonder how they ever lived without.

USB Pens Provide a Budget-Friendly Marketing Tool

Aside from the usefulness your target market will find in your promotional USB pens, you’ll find them just as beneficial, and the reason is they check the two boxes that equate to high value:

  • High value perception: People use pens, and they also want to take their data with them to use on different devices.
  • Inexpensive: People tend to automatically assign a high monetary value to anything electronic. The truth is, USB technology doesn’t cost that much.

Our team is dedicated to helping yours stand out in the crowd. One of the overlooked benefits of the USB pen is that they get people talking. When someone starts taking their pen apart, it gets attention. Then, they pull out a USB connector, and the conversation naturally starts from there. And, guess what question is inevitably asked?

Where did you get that pen?

Of course, they got it from this really cool business that understands what their customers need!