PVC / Rubber

Not everyone can always be cautious; dropping important items are the absolute worst! The very fact that these USBs are portable sizes makes everything already so much easier. On top of that, these customizable USBs are made of a rubber material; therefore, it does not do harm to the physical property or any of your valuable information stored inside. These styles are up to you to choose; there are a variety of designs to satisfy your preference. The advantage of rubber USBs is that it is extremely easy to keep clean and easy storage anywhere at your own convenience.

Are you looking for a way to set your business apart from the competition? Maybe you’re in a creative industry and are interested in spreading the word in a way that’ll really stick in the minds of potential customers all across the region. Our team is here to help with custom PVC and rubber USB drives that serve a purpose all the while providing a zany way to showcase the uniqueness of your business.

What Makes PVC/Rubber USB Drives Different?

What makes PVC/rubber USB drives different than the standard material types? There are numerous features you should certainly consider as you make such a critical marketing decision. A few benefits these products have over alternative options include:

  • The material type makes it easy to create a variety of shapes and designs.
  • You can create a custom marketing tool that looks expensive but costs about the same as most USB drives.
  • You can explore a variety of fun ways to highlight the qualities that set your company apart.

You want to provide people in your market with a token of your appreciation of sharing a community with them. By providing them something for free, you create a sense of trust, and they’re reminded of just who gave them such a thoughtful gift every time they see your business name, logo, and company information. Best of all, since our PVC/rubber custom USB drives come in so many creative designs ranging from basketballs and cameras to golf clubs and more, it certainly gives potential customers something to talk about with other potential customers every time one of your promotional drives are pulled out.

With You Every Step of the Way to Create the Perfect PVC/Rubber USB Drive

We want to truly capture the unique vibe of your business, and we work with you every step of the way to get your promotional USB drives just right. It all starts by you sending us a digital copy of what you want to appear on the drive including company information and any artwork. We create a mold and walk you through options like matte vs. shiny appearance. In just a few weeks, we’ll have your custom PVC/rubber USB drives ready for you to start distributing! In a business world where new competition pops up in the search results every day, it’s important to stand out, so request your free quote today.