Wood & Eco (Recycled)

We know saving the world is important you, and it’s important to us as well! If you have an ecofriendly mindset, these wooden USBs are your perfect match! Not only are they lightweight but very stylish in design. The appearance of these USBs is natural, sleek and can be customized in a variety of wood finishes – plus your logo can be printed or laser etched onto the surface. Wooden Custom USBs are starting to gain popularity, don’t get left behind one saving the world! We recycle and reuse certain materials in order to help Mother Nature out. Come get your wood USB designed created just for you!

Unique Style Adds Value and Promotes Your Business Well

Imagine a promotional product people use that start conversations. That’s exactly what will happen when potential customers plug in their wooden USB drives. Unlike a standard flash drive, these products look expensive, are unique, and, best of all, have your company’s name and logo etched on the side. You’ll be providing much more than just a nifty gadget that will lose its appeal over time. Rather, you’re providing your community with a useful tool that will continue to serve a purpose. Since CustomUSB drives can be used over and over again, your business will get the air time it needs to become ingrained into the minds of potential customers.

Many Wooden USB Options to Meet Any Advertising Budget

Whether you’re a small business working on a limited advertising budget or a large corporation ready to invest serious money into your promotional products, our team has just the solution to meet your needs. From PVC dip to metal surface and more, it’s easy to find a product that features the right look to promote your company properly while staying within your budget. You also get to enjoy a broad range of colour options including:

  • Light brown
  • Brown
  • Light bamboo
  • Medium bamboo
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

Once you have decided on the right color and material type, you get to decide on the USB speed. Our stylish, wooden promotional USB drives come in 2.0 and 3.0 versions. Using our website, it’s simple to make your custom order. When you’ve selected the right style, all that’s left to do is let us know how you’d like your logo and company information to appear, truly setting your wooden USB apart.

Keep Your Customers Talking with Wooden USB Drives

Unlike advertising methods like television ads or pay per click campaigns, custom USB drives keep paying back long after you’ve made your purchase. As long as potential customers are using your wooden drives, conversations are happening. People are seeing your logo. Questions are being asked. Best of all, positive impressions are being made about a company that possesses the foresight to know what people need. You can be that company, and our team is here to help. It only takes a few clicks to develop your custom USB drive, and our team is always here to help ensure you get exactly what you need to promote your business effectively.